5/20/08 - Makenna has gained the weight

Since last week, Makenna has gained 8 ounces. The goal was 6 ounces so the doctor was very pleased. He said he is comfortable with Cristi continuing breastfeeding and no formula supplement will be needed. He did say that when we go back in two months, that he would like to see her around 10 pounds or so. That means that Cristi's schedule is going to have to continue to be very frequent which means in turn that she is going to not get much sleep for a while.

The biggest thing that we learned from this is that it is very important that young babies eat at least every two hours when breastfed. They should also be woken at least every three hours at night to feed, regardless if they act hunger or not. We realized recently that many of the signs that Makenna was giving off were actually signs of hunger and not sleepiness. Since we started listening better, she has more energy and is a much happier baby.

Thank you for everyone who was praying for us and thinking about us. We still need prayer as it will be difficult to keep up this feeding marathon and make sure Makenna is growing the way she should.


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When we had our first child, a friend of ours recommended a book to us about feeding called "Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense" by Ellyn Satter. It was such a huge help! It is excellent! Just check out the amazon reviews. I highly recommend it. My wife found it so helpful that she bought several copies just to pass around to friends.

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