5/2/08 - Goings on

Wendesday was one of my the best days of my life. I guess that is actually an exaggeration, but it was a great day. Well, that evening was nice. Here's the story. Cristi's mom came in that afternoon, so it was nice to see here again. She'll be here for a week so she can spend some time with Makenna and of course Cristi. Since she flew in, she didn't feel like cooking so Cristi decided she wanted to eat at Bennigan's. We used to have one in Little Rock off of University, but it closed and a new one opened off of Pershing attached to the Holiday Inn.

I've eaten there a few times and enjoyed it, but never wanted to go out of my way to eat there. I perused the menu, and decided that a hamburger sounded pretty good. After looking through my options, I came across this gem: GUINNESSĀ® GLAZED BACON CHEESEBURGER - A juicy grilled beef patty brushed with our Guinness Stout Glaze and topped with bacon, cheddar cheese, crispy fried onions, lettuce, tomato and pickles. Served with a side of Guinness Stout Glaze. Not only was the description incredible, there was a picture of this half pound monster. I couldn't resist even at the seemingly overpriced $8.29.

That's about the time the waiter walked up and took our drink order. He also kindly let us know that Wednesday nights at Bennigan's, all of their hamburgers (not including their pitaburgers) are priced at $4.99. EVEN THEIR GUINNESSĀ® GLAZED BACON CHEESEBURGER. Needless to say, I ordered it basically on the spot before he could change his mind. Cristi's mom also ordered the same and Cristi got the Monte Cristo.

The burger was incredible. The fries were cooked and seasoned perfectly and the glaze made for a wonderful dipping sauce. All said and done, we all ate for less than $20 and took about a full order of fries and half the Monte Cristo home which is large enough for another meal. I HIGHLY recommend that if you are in the mood for a burger, head over to Bennigan's, especially if it's a Wednesday.

In other news, one of my favorite sites, Digg has now been blocked at work. I don't spend much time surfing the web at work, but when I do, it's for a pretty good reason...my brain is pretty much fried. It is a social networking site that allows the users of the site to submit news stories and then vote on them. The most popular stories get promoted to the front page so other users can then quickly get a glimpse of the most popular things happening at the moment. I'm very saddened by this turn of events.

Hopefully within the next couple of days, I'll get some more product reviews put up from Cristi. She wrote up four of the items she's used for breastfeeding that hopefully someone, somewhere will find interesting.

Quick, brief Makenna update. She's been really good. She has struggled with stomach aches (she can thank her mom and dad both for that) the last couple of days which has kept her pretty fussy during the day. At night though she has averaged about 9 hours of sleep every night so we can't complain about that. She is really starting to be able to hold her head up on her own which I assume is good since she just turned 7 weeks old on thursday. She has a doctor's appointment on the 13th, so I guess we'll find out then if she is developing on schedule and stuff. She still weighs under 8 pounds the last time we weighed her even though she eats almost non-stop.


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