4/18/08 - Sleeping, Baby acne and a yellow color

I think it's been a while since I've updated everyone on how Makenna has been doing. As of three nights ago, we have decided to completely alter the way we are putting her to sleep. Previously, she went to bed when we did (around 11:00 or midnight). The problem we ran into is that it took her 30 minutes to an hour to fall asleep which meant that we didn't get much sleep at al.

We changed this to start putting her down to bed between 7:00 and 8:00. She has been getting to sleep around 9:00 every night and sleeping for a good 6 hours. At that point, Cristi wakes up, feeds her, changes her diaper and gives her to me to swaddler her. After that, she goes right back to sleep and wakes up around 8:00 for a total of about 9-10 hours. We have also started putting her in her own room, in her swing (which I will be reviewing, hopefully this weekend) where she won't be bothered by the noise of the TV or Cristi and I talking before we fall asleep. This has worked out well for ALL parties involved.

Ever since Makenna was about a week old, she has had pretty bad baby acne. Cristi has assured me that this is normal until the last couple of days. It has gotten much, much worse and she said she thinks it might be insert-skin-condition-with-a-name-I-can't-spell-or-pronounce. It's not a big deal, but if it is the case, it would require us to apply a cream to her skin to help it go away.

Also, Cristi mentioned a while back that she thought Makenna was still a little yellow. Her eyes have been yellow since she was born, but I just assumed that was due to being a baby and not having eye color yet. Some of her friends came over and also commented that she looked a little yellow. With that said, I think Cristi might try to take her to the doctor in the next few days to see if we can get a true medical diagnosis and treatment for these things.

In somewhat related news, Cristi has possibly found a position at work that will allow her to actually make more money than she is now, work just about half as many hours and get to be at home Monday through Friday to stay with Makenna. This of course will greatly cut into the amount of time that she and I would get to spend together, but I think it's definitely worth a trial run. It's possibly that this position will be available for her before she goes back to work.


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