4/5/08 - Simple update

It has been quite some time since I have updated the site. Quite frankly, life has been busy (obviously with little Makenna around) and there hasn't been anything really exciting.

I did get the first two customers of the year with for GrassGuys and I'll be mowing their lawns tomorrow. These two for the rest of the summer won't be enough to break even. I had nearly 15 customers last year and I just barely did. Of course, this year, I've got all my equipment paid for, I'm just paying maintenance costs.

Thursday was a very eventful evening with the weather and stuff. Normally, I would not have retreated to the bathroom until I started getting really worried, but with a newborn baby, as soon as the weatherman said tornado, we were headed to our safety place. For some reason, the sirens near our house stayed on for about 30 minutes after the first wave of bad weather had passed. It also kept going during times of low wind and rain and based on the radar images the local news channels were showing, there was nothing in our area. That was frustrating because I just didn't want to take any chances with Makenna, so we stayed in the bathroom for most of the evening.

We finally ran into a situation where our Dish service became a problem. With the bad weather, we lost signal twice for about 10 minutes at a time. Obviously, we weren't looking for entertainment (although one of Cristi's shows didn't get recorded because of all this), but it would have been nice to have kept up with the storms.

Along those same lines, I am now a fan of Channel 11 news coverage. Growing up, we were a Channel 7 family. We watched the news every night and when bad weather came around, it was Channel 7. Quite frankly, something has changed because 7 sucks. Although we could get 4 and 11 just fine, for some reason the 7 signal was not strong enough for us to pick up. And when we did get it, the information they shared and the radar images they were putting up were useless. I switched between all three channels hoping to get as much info on the storm as possible but eventually, I quit going to 7 altogether. From now on, when bad weather is threatening, I'll be watching Channel 11. Although, I didn't check in on Fox 16, so I might have to give them a chance next time.

Raider had been sick since last Sunday, the day after we brought Makenna back home. He threw up about two days worth of food and so we took his food away so his stomach could settle down. The next day, I heard him drink some water, walk into the living room and throw up all the water he had just drank. Because of that, we took his water away. Typically, after about 24 hours, his stomach settles down and we put everything back down for him to have. He continued to throw up until Thursday night. We called on Tuesday to get an appointment with the vet and Friday morning was the earliest we could get. We did give him water in small quantities to keep him hydrated, but we took away his food. The vet gave him a couple shots and some antibiotics and he hasn't thrown up since (knock on wood). I'm pleased with how Cristi and I handled the situation because the doctor said everything was fine, he was not malnourished and his hydration level was very good. We are going to try to give him some more food this evening and see how that goes.


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