4/10/08 - Nail Clipper review

One of the products that I knew we were going to have to have was a set of nail clippers. Not just any nail clippers though, I knew we would need one of those tiny sets. One thing that I've run into when using nail clippers, even full sized, big boy clippers is that I have trouble getting a good grip to get a nice clean cut through the nail.

Cristi and I both agree that we had one basic requirement: it had to be easy to grip. Luckily, advancements in science and technology have allowed companies to put a large mound of plastic on the back end of the clippers which makes for very easy handling. (I need to find these in big-boy clippers too).

These types of clippers can be found all over the place, Wal-Mart, Babies-R-Us, Amazon.com, etc....but there was one that looked really promising. It comes with a magnifying glass on the end which is supposed to give the user a close up view of the nail being cut. That seemed like a great idea and would make our jobs much easier when cutting Makenna's nails. Here's the problem though. The lens is WAY too small to actually be used.

If babies laid still and didn't move on command, that would be one thing, because I can imagine you could lay the baby down, get real close to the nail and use the magnifying lens without much problem. Unfortunately, (at least Makenna is this way), babies like to move around a lot and don't like it when you hold their arms, hands, etc still. They like to try to squirm out of your grip. This makes the cutting process even harder and quite frankly, the little lens just doesn't help. If anything, it makes things blurry.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest quality, I'd give this a 7. The magnifying glass, as I mentioned is a great concept, just not carried out very well. It does move out of the way and stores very nicely on the underside of the cilpper so I can't deny the fact that the large handle works great.


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