4/21/08 - more new Pictures

More pictures of Makenna. I have this fear that Cristi and I think we have the cutest baby in the world, but instead, she's only cute to the two of us. It doesn't bother me, but I just hope that as she gets older she stays/becomes a beautiful young girl. With piece of my thoughts, here are a few more pictures of the darling child.

She looks her cutest when she's sleeping. That might have something to do with the fact that she isn't crying during that period. Whatever the case, Cristi loves it when she falls asleep with her pacifier and then it slowly starts falling out. She finally grew into one of her hats, so we put it on her and she thugged out for a while.

Because of her yellowish color, we're supposed to keep her in the sun for 10 minutes at a time several times a day. It was really bright on Saturday, so we had to put on her shades, so she just chilled as she sun bathed. Sunday, she was finally fed up with all the pictures, she just couldn't take it any more.

Finally, so far she is slowly becoming daddy's girl. I don't remember the first picture, but I really like it. The second one was right when Cristi got home Sunday afternoon after my first "babysitting by myself" couple of hours. The picture you see here is a summary of what we did. She slept, I played XBox360, it worked out well.


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