4/1/08 - Stork's Choice Diaper Service Review

Cristi's mom, right after we announced that we were having a baby, offered to subscribe to a diaper service so that we would not have to worry about diapers, especially for the first year. We were EXTREMELY grateful as we knew this would save us the trouble of having to constantly head up to Wal-mart whenever we got low, and of course, it would save us the expense. The name of the service was Stork's Choice. We read up on the website, and it looked like the diapers they were going to be providing were very impressive. They almost made it sound like it was a special diaper that they were specially making. In fact, on their products page they give a description of the "Stork's Choice Premium Disposable Diapers".

The cost of this service is $49.95 per month. On their faq, they explain how many diapers you get, which seemed reasonable. They also offer to throw in "Stork's Choice Premium Pop-up Wipes" (also found at the bottom of their products page). The wipes are an extra $4.99 a month, and after reading through a bit more, you find that that only consists of 2 packs of 80 wipes each for a total of 160 wipes.

Here's where it gets really frustrating. First of all, the diapers are not "Premium", they aren't "Stork's Choice", the only thing they are is disposable diapers. You can buy the same brand at Wal-mart (Parent's Choice) for a little less than 6 dollars a pack. And although their faq states they send 8 bags of 26, they don't, they send 4 bags of 56. Still, close to the same amount, but the point is, the same diapers only cost a total of about 24 dollars at your local Wal-Mart. I don't think shipping costs 26 dollars, and even after they get a profit, that is way too high of a markup. Another thing to mention is that for the same amount of money, you can purchase the same number of Pampers Swaddlers at Wal-mart (or as you can see, even cheaper at Amazon.com)

It doesn't stop there. At first, we didn't realize it, but the wipes are a joke. First, they are not "Pop-up", they are not "Premium" and once again, they aren't even "Stork's Choice". We've gotten two different brands in the only two shipments we received. As far as quality, we could probably have gotten away with just wetting down a paper towel or some toilet paper, because these wipes were very thin. In comparison, on Amazon, you can buy 924 Luvs Wipes for $24.58. Find something else on Amazon.com for .42 cents and you get free shipping. Granted, this is about the same price, but the quality (I can only assume) is probably greater online. Besides that, a search for Baby Wipes returns several more options that are either cheaper and slightly better quality, or slightly more expensive and much higher quality.

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest quality, I'd give this a 2. The only reason for the 2 and not a 1, is because it is convenient. You would never have to leave the house assuming you use an average number of diapers (of course, wipes you'd have to buy). But at the same time, you can order diapers online for cheaper, so the service is not any more convenient than Amazon.com. The items are overpriced and too low of quality. Cristi's mom has changed her method of hooking us up with diapers, and we thank her for that. I stand by my stance though that Stork's Choice is a horrible deal and should not be used.


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Thank you for posting this review. Someone had told me to research diaper services. The "Storks Choice" service seemed nice in theory, but I really wanted to hear from someone who had actually used their product. You certainly helped me make my decision. Thanks for the excellent suggestions. - JB

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