3/4/08 - snow...are you kidding me?

So I wake up this morning, shave, shower and do the rest of my stuff. I get dressed and step out to let Raider use the restroom and I'm greeted by a completely white backyard. The snow was very heavy and blowing sideways and the everything was covered. Normally, that's not a big deal, but seriously, it's March and only two days ago, it was mid 70's. I can't deny that it is very pretty, but I just hate cold weather and I'd much rather have had this several months ago, say around Christmas.

I can't think of much more to write about, nothing overly exciting has happened. Cristi hasn't progressed any in the last week and a half or so. We still have satellite and I'm amazed how little of TV that I watch. I have yet to watch an entire session of SportsCenter and last Saturday I actually did watch some basketball. I've spent most of my time on the 360 where I am currently trying to complete Forza 2. This is going to be much more difficult than I had originally realized. I'm also going to try to start playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance with Dan and Wes in hopes of getting some more gamer points and I am still trying to complete Rock Band with Chris. You can now look us up on RockBand.com, we are called "77 car pileup". At last count we were at 41million fans and ranked in the top 1000 all time bands by fans. If we can hit 50 million which we should do next time we get together, we will be in the top 500 bands.

This past weekend, I did get to setup some shelving in the garage thanks to my wonderful Aunt Bev letting me know about one of the local hospitals giving away these units. They are each nearly 8 feet tall, about 3 feet wide and 18" deep. I was able to get my hands on 12 of them (two loads on my trailer) and I'm going to be giving at least 3 of those to my parents. I've already got all of my lawn care stuff organized on these shelves as well as all sorts of other stuff we had laying around. I'll try to get some pictures up. Which reminds me, I'd like to get some pictures up of the house, especially the nursery as I'm sure someone out there actually cares about Makenna's living arrangements.

We did get our video camera, so I might start a youtube account and start posting videos of my dog (although 8 hours of watching him sleep might not be too exciting), but once Makenna starts doing all sorts of crazy stuff, I'm sure it will make for some interesting viewing (at least for grandparents).


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