3/17/08 - She's an interesting one...

So far, I can't complain at all about Makenna's personality or behavior. The first two nights were pretty rough, mainly because we didn't know what was going on. We were trying to get her to sleep in her bassinet, but yesterday afternoon, realized that that won't work at this point. After 9 months of being actually part of Cristi, she has separation issues if she is too far away. Because of this, Cristi stayed up all night the first two nights, to make sure she would sleep and eat and stuff.

Last night, we put her in our bed, right between us, surrounded by pillows so we wouldn't roll over on her, and she slept for over 4 hours without waking up once. Needless to say, we both got great sleep last night and if future nights can be like that, I won't have a complaint in the world. In fact, it worked out great for me because I was able to get up super early with her, Cristi fed her, I changed her diaper and she and I watched an episode of SportsCenter together, and then went through my RSS reader, email and other misc websites, all before about 10:00.

I got out this afternoon to pick up a few things and then came back home only to spend the last several hours trying to get my computer setup so I can work from home. I'm almost there, but I basically lost an entire day trying to get things working. I should have it done by in the morning and I can get started on some work. I'm really grateful to Midland for letting me have the opportunity to stay at home for two weeks and only use a week of vacation (this assumes that I work at least a half day average during that time period).

That's all I've got for now. As we start using different baby products, I might start writing about them because I know that there are plenty of other pregnant people out there that just don't have a clue about stuff. My first review will probably be the Diaper Champ....it's sweet.

Last but not least, Makenna is once again an internet superstar with her pictures up on the Baptist website (actually a company they outsource to). You can see her pictures on their website. I have to admit that I personally don't think she looks very cute in those pictures, but you can be the judge.

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Makenna is so beautiful! I am so excited for you guys! Vickie

By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 19, 2008 at 1:54 PM  

This is March 19th. Latest update was 2 days ago! I'm dying over here waiting to see her. Even though you're sleep deprived, we need an update. ha! I live to go to ortort.
Great Aunt Diane

By Anonymous Anonymous, at March 19, 2008 at 4:59 PM  

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