3/28/08 - Makenna has been sick

So Thursday morning, when Makenna woke up for her morning feeding around 5:00 she was just fine. But then she started getting really fussy. This is not common for our precious little baby, so we were obviously concerned. We assumed it was just gas, so we have her gas drops, then gripe water, then tried Tylenol, but nothing really worked. I had to be at a conference at UALR early, so I left just before 7:00. Cristi said that after I left, she actually fell asleep for about 15 minutes or so, but then woke up screaming. She was obviously in pain.

Cristi called me about 8:00 saying that she had taken her temperature and it was very high. Her training has taught her that any fever on a baby Makenna's age requires immediate attention so she went to the ACH Emergency Room. After getting the regular treatments, they decided to keep her for 48 hours to give her antibiotics and monitor her. They tried to get a spinal tap but was unsuccessful.

Today is the 2nd day, and they tried to get another tap, but still nothing. They have run test after test, but still no reasons why she would have felt so bad and had the fever. We thought it might have been a UTI, but they ruled that out too. At this point, they think it was a viral infection and that the antibiotics have taken care of everything.

I've got to thank my parents, Aunt Bev and Aunt Diane for being there for Cristi. I really wish Cristi's mom could have been here too, I know she was just as worried about Makenna. We should be going home tomorrow morning/afternoon so I'll try to have a much happier update with pictures.

I should also mention that ACH is awesome. I'm actually typing this on the computer in Makenna's room. Its a touch screen monitor that controls the TV, internet, media center, games, and so many other things kids (it is intended for the kids) can do all from their bed. I'll also mention that each room has it's own XBox360 with a library of games avaiable 24 hours a day. I haven't tapped that resource, but the fact that it is there is really cool.


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Hey, this is EJ from ALS. I found your site through Myspace a while back and wander over here from time to time, more so now with all the cute baby pictures. Glad to hear Makenna is going alright. She looks adorable!

BTW, did your conference at UALR happen to be TechExpo?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 4, 2008 at 4:36 PM  

Yes, this is the first year I had been, but a bunch of the guys had been to the 2006 TechExpo and said it was awesome. I actually went with about 10 other people from our company (got paid to go...awesome).

In fact, at the end of the day, I actually won one of the copies of the Microsoft Heroes pack which came with a 1 year evaluation license for Server 2008, VS.net 2008 Standard and a pre-release license for SQL Server 2008. I was pretty excited.

Were you there?

By Blogger DJ Walker, at April 4, 2008 at 4:45 PM  

I wasn't there, but my husband went. This was his first year to go and he said it was good. He's kind of a one man show at work, so he loves any chance to actually interact with other programmers.

That Heroes pack sounds like quite a haul. Congrats!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at April 9, 2008 at 10:31 AM  

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