12/1/06 - I'm such a bum

I've finally gotten around to uploading the pictures. The first is a picture of a B-2 flying over the stadium before the game. I can't even begin to describe how incredible that was. The plane was directly overhead as singer got to the last line of the Star Spangled Banner. I wanted to get a picture to give people an idea of where we were in respect to the 50-yard line, and that's the 2nd picture. Next, we've got Trent Green and Huard (I'm being lazy with links tonight) and then Aaron Brooks and Randy Moss. The next picture, of the car is the car that Al Davis was in. If you look closely, you can see him sitting there and I'm telling you, he looks like zombie. Next, we've got Randy Moss after the game, me meeting Greg Wesley, and finally a picture of the stadium from where we parked. The next two pictures are from Thanksgiving, Cristi wanted to share her snack with me, and all three Walker dogs were being good and sitting (well, Raider jumped to laying down, but that is beside the point). Finally, you get to see my current computer(s) setup. You see the one TV to the left, (with my basketball autographed by the championship razorbacks of 1994). My new 22" monitor that I got on Black Friday ($300 discount). You can see my 2nd monitor to the right and my tower is to the right of the desk. You can also see my new 250gb external hard drive (which I got on Black Friday). Not pictured, I also got a 2gb flash drive and a wireless router.

I don't feel like going into big detail about my Black Friday experience, but it's a pretty good story, so here it goes. My goal was to sit out all night in line so I could be guaranteed to get the items I wanted. Me and Phillip got to Best Buy at 10:00pm the night before Black Friday and there were somewhere around 100 people already camped out. The only item that I had to stand in line to get a voucher for was a $200 computer (it came with a 15" lcd monitor and printer, and was a reasonable computer at that). I decided that it was not worth standing in line for something that I probably wasn't going to get anyways. Instead, my parents, myself and Phillip got to Best Buy a few minutes before 5:00. I knew I was in for treat when the parking lot was full. Those that are familiar with the parking lot at Best Buy and Toys'r'us realize that the parking lot is not very small. (I should also mention that the reason this is exciting to me is this is the first year I've been able to enjoy the sales of Black Friday). When we got to the front door, we couldn't see the end of the line and we later found out that the line was wrapped back behind the Toys-R-Us building. here is a google maps of the area. Best Buy is the building at the top to the left of the blue top. You can kind of see the big price tag that is the Best Buy logo. Toys'r'us is the building to the right (not too far right, that's Home Depot). You can also see the size of the parking lot.

Anyways, once we finally got in, we had a plan. Phillip was headed to a section that I'm not allowed to mention, I was off to get the monitors, and dad was getting the hard drives and other media that I was wanting. Mom's job was to get in the checkout line and save us a spot. Phillip was the hero of the day as he was able to get into a roped off area which gave him access to many items that we couldn't get to, including the router and several other items (he was offered 20 bucks to get a laptop for a guy). I was able to find the 22" monitor that I'm currently typing on, and as luck would have it, by the time I got to the area, I picked up the very last monitor. I also happened to spot some of the other things I needed and so we were done in no time. We met up with mom, checked out, and got back home by just about 6:00.

In summary, we got to the parking lot at 5:00. In Best buy at 5:15, checked out by around 5:45 and home by 6:00. In all, we got several items. Many of which I can't mention because they are christmas presents. But for myself, although I spent nearly $400 dollars, I saved close to $500. and unlike a woman shopping a sale, I only got items that I have actually been wanting/needing for quite some time.


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