3/10/08 - Going back to the old stuff

So I decided to go back with my old layout. Originally, it was called Greenery, but of course, I preferred to go greyscale with everything and this is the result. I've got it setup to easily change the middle image. Right now, it's a picture of the falls at petit jean when we went a few years ago. I'm do believe there are some problems viewing this in IE that I never fixed from the first time around, but I've tested it in IE6.0 and 7.0 and the latest release of Firefox with no problems. Safari or Opera might have some issues with it, but I don't use them and haven't tested it.

The main reason for the new design is because I wanted an easier way to update the blog, without spending a crapload of time writing my own update method. With asp.net's incredible toolkit, it wouldn't have taken me a super long time, but it was really easier just to create a blogger account, point it to my ftp server and let it do all the work. This will also allow me to use the built in comment functionality, the rss reader and archive that I have been wanting to add for quite a while. The problem with using blogger is that I am slightly limited with what I can do with multiple pages and the menu at the top. I might figure out way to get it to do what I want, but for now, I'm just going to make do.

Another great thing about Blogger is that it is very easy to use. I'm actually going to set cristi up with an account so she can write about stuff that she cares about. I'm not sure how much she'll update, but she had mentioned it quite a while ago, and since I have found that Blogger is VERY easy to use she might actually use it. (and if she doesn't...well, it's free).

I'm still unsure about the whole label thing, but I'm trying to figure out how to implement that into my menu at the top. I've got mainly two labels right now and would like to add a few more. 'Blog' for all of my normal posts and 'McDonald's' for all of my posts following that experiment. Once I get all my old archives loaded up, I'll have a 'Lean Cuisine' tag and I might try to get a 'p90x' tag since that has been a very popular page on my site. I've also got the 'memories' tag, but I'm thinking about deleting that one altogether as no one seemed to care about it the first time I posted, even though I had comments enabled for that post.

Friday night, we bought Army of Two and played it for a while. As excited about this game as I was, I should have known I was going to be dissapointed. Although it's not a bad game, I was hoping for a few things that just aren't there. It is true that you rely on partner game play quite a bit, but most of it is preprogrammed stuff. Things like opening certain doors are cut scenes, back-to-back is something that you are automatically put into, and the lifting/pulling to a high ledge is pretty weak. The ability to upgrade your guns is a neat feature, but there should have been more options. Many of the sniper rifles for example have only one upgrade to them. I'm on level four right now in single player and could probably beat it with an hour or two more of play. The great thing is that there are many side jobs that you have to do that make the game very replayable. On top of that, many of the achievements require that you play through the game multiple times. I would not be surprised if I play through at least 4 times or so.


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