3/20/08 - First doctor's appointment

Makenna has her first doctor's appointment this afternoon. We were hoping to see Dr. Robert Choate, who was my pediatrician for the first 20 or so years of my life. He was also my brother's doctor. Instead, we are going to be seeing Dr. Frazier in the same clinic. Dr. Frazier is the father of one of the girls that Cristi and I went to high school with. She was also on the same cheerleading squad as Cristi.

I'll have another update this evening with more pictures, and some information about the appointment. We are hoping that Makenna's yellowish color is not too bad and we can continue breastfeeding. The color has gotten MUCH better in the last couple of days, and her diet and dirty diapers has remained constant and healthy.

This will be her first experience in the outside world (with the exception of the ride home from the hospital. It's a pretty exciting day for her (as well as her proud parents).

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