6/14/07 - Texas, Houses, trucks and trailers...Oh My

Wow...big news and a long time between updates to the website. Let's see, next week the wife and I will be at our respective church camps. I will be in Bogg Springs, Cristi in Formosa (I'll let you look those up on a map if you want to see where they are). Last weekend, we were in Dallas and Georgetown, Texas. We drove (by we, I mean Cristi, myself and Mary a friend from church camp) to Dallas Friday, leaving North Little Rock around 6:30am. Go to Dallas around noon and got ready for the wedding which was another three hour drive. We got to the wedding about an hour early so we just sat and relaxed. The wedding was outside and it was HOT, but regardless of the heat, it was beautiful. There was a fountain in the middle, the grass was virtually perfectly manicured and everyone looked great. The reception was not my cup of tea as I'm not a dancer, but the food was awesome, the venue was gorgeous and it was great to see Ryan so happy. The only thing I wasn't happy about is that I was so tired from driving the 10 hours that day and getting up so early, it was difficult to stay focused and I'm afraid I missed parts of it. I'd do it again though. So after the wedding, we drove the three hours back to Dallas where we stated the night. That was an interesting drive in and of itself. I was very tired at this point, it was about 9pm when we left and the three energy drinks I had during the course of the day weren't working anymore. So we all played the alphabet game until the girls got too tired to really focus. They went to sleep while I turned on some Julie Roberts (my driving music) and sang along. It was pretty uneventful until I got passed by two semis who had to have been going at least 20 mph faster than I was and I was about 6 over the speed limit. (Mom, Dad...stop reading here...Greg and Phillip too...do as I say, not as I do). They got caught by traffic and they were obviously in a hurry. This gave me a great idea. I noticed that there were several other cars already in the "convoy" and I didn't want to miss this so I pulled in right behind the 18-wheelers knowing that if a cop had a speed trap setup, the semis would be targeted long before the four or five cars following. For the next 30 minutes or so, we averaged about 90 miles an hour and only slowed down during slight congestion. The areas of congestion didn't last long though because the two trucks were teaming up on the cars in front of them and were just about pushing them into the slow lane. It was something amazing to watch (and scary at times). Of course I always maintained a safe distance between all vehicles. Well, I wish I could say that this adventure ended with a "happily ever after", but there were police officers out and the 2nd place truck got pulled over. From that point on, I obeyed the speed limit, but was able to shave about 10-15 minutes off our travel time. It was awesome.

As some of you already know, Cristi and I had discussed selling our home at the end of this summer and finding a house in North Little Rock. Well, several things have happened that have changed that have changed our plans. First, in our subdivision, a new phase is going in probably around the end of the summer, if not sooner and we wanted to get the house sold before they started going up to prevent any competition. Considering that everything we had heard was that it is a buyer's market, meaning that houses are sitting for months before getting any offers, we wanted to get it sold as soon as we could, so we listed the house last Thursday (I think that's when). We had several people look at it over the weekend and then we were averaging a visit a day up until yesterday. Well, wouldn't you know it, last night Teresa, our relator, called me and said that we had an offer. It was a pretty sweet deal. They were offering more than we expected, although our closing costs are going to be a bit higher than we had anticipated. We counter offered with a few minor adjustments and we will wait to here back if we really do close next month.

Here's the real scary part about the whole thing. We have no idea where we are going to live yet. We have not had a chance to talk to a builder to determine if we can afford to build what we would really like, or if we will have to buy a pre-built house and settle for certain things. This will have an impact on where we live until we get the new house which means that in the interim, I think we will be living with my parents. That should be very interesting but Crsti and I are both VERY grateful that they would allow that.

With the sale of the house, a few other things have come into play. First, we had decided to not sell our vehicles until we had some breathing room, but at the same time, we would like to sell the truck to be able to put more down on our house purchase, so we will be using the next month or so to try to sell the truck.

So, here is the ideal scenario. I find a work truck for under $2k ($1k would even be better, and believe it or not, I almost bought one this past week) that can handle about 100+ miles every day on the interstate without blowing up. We sell the Tahoe within a week of putting it in the paper. Cristi finds a new Accord within hours of selling the Tahoe and on top of that, I can find an Enclosed Trailer, preferably dual axle and at least 6'x12', for around $2k so I don't have to rent a storage unit. Also, I need to be able to park my work truck and trailer at Phillip's duplex and finally, I would need to be able to sell my current trailer for at least $1000. Also, this all needs to happen within about a one week time frame. I'm going to stay optimistic.


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