2/4/08 - Super Bowl

I know I've still got the McDonald's thing to wrap up, but I'm still working on that. I pick up my last paycheck tonight, so I'll be able to have a more accurate summary then. Since that is not ready, I wanted to post about the Super Bowl.

In regards to the game, I wasn't excited about either team winning and was hoping that the game would either be cancelled or end up in a tie somehow. Since I knew that neither of those were going to happen, I had to pick a team that I wanted to lose less. That team was the Giants. I figured that with the Giants, I only hated one player (the cry-baby, sissy-boy that is Eli Manning) whereas the Patriots I hate all the players except for one (Junior Seau, although I still like to think of him as a Charger). And besides that, I hate Randy Moss even more than I hate Eli Manning, so I guess that kind of puts me as a Giants fan for the night. Last night, one of the guys did make a comment worth noting. Since he had money on the Giants covering the spread, he said that he wasn't real confident since "he had the Little Mermaid at QB." As I'm sure everyone has read, the Giants did in fact win the game ending the Patriots bid for the perfect season. This was, of course, another reason I wanted the Giants to win. I was very pleased with the game, especially the end of it as there were several lead changes. The play of the game had to have been when Eli Manning escaped from the pocket as it collapsed and threw what I believe was about a 40-50 yard pass where it was caught on the guy's forehead. Sorry, can't remember the receiver's name, but the next play he almost made another nearly impossible catch.

I do believe I can honestly say that this is the first year in quite some time that I was more interested in the actual game than I was the commercials. There were a few good commercials, the only ones I can remember was the baby on the webcam. Of course, the problem is I have no idea what the product was they were selling, I do believe it was some sort of Financial planning service, or retirement plan. The other one I remember was Pepsi Max with everyone falling asleep and nodding off. Of course, the halftime show was a huge flop as far as I'm concerned. I had no desire to watch it, but no other stations were carrying any sort of half time entertainment, so we were stuck watching Tom Petty attempt to get through his setlist. We all agreed that it would have been great for them to show the Pepsi Max commercial right after the show because it seriously looked like he was about to fall asleep about half way through Free Fallin'.

Outside of the game and the commercials, I always enjoy the Super Bowl party. The past three years, I've hosted a small "party" which included hot dogs, cheese dip, chips and some sort of dessert. Nothing exciting, but a pretty good reason to get together with friends. This year, Wes and Roxane hosted the party, and did a great job. It was great because one of the guys from high school who I haven't seen in probably five years or so was there, as well as my old roommate who I've seen maybe two or three times in the last couple years. Outside of bringing up old stories from back in the day, and just generally goofing off, we had a chance to play some video games, which is about all we did in high school. The problem is that I'm still bitter about the experience. I hate losing, really, really, really hate losing. I don't care who I'm teamed up with, I don't care who I'm playing against, I feel like I should be able to win. We decided to play NCAA March Madness 07 which seems like a great game. The problem is that I've never played it before. It didn't take long to get it figured out, but by the time I figured it out in the first game, we were already down 10. The second game, we lost by one and should have won but I believe I had a turnover in the last few seconds to ice it. I'll take blame for that, but there were several other situations where I had no control over. The last game was beyond frustrating as our team decided to not only miss layup after layup, but we also blew a fast break dunk. I quit about half way through the 4th quarter and am still pouting. Even after all that, I still had a great time, the food was great, and company was beyond enjoyable.


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