2/26/08 - Nothing Important

So I've really had nothing important to write about. I did have a very horrible customer service experience basically for all of last week, but I really don't care to write about that because now looking back on it, I think I blew it out of proportion. I also realized over the weekend, that I expect too much out of people for the most part. I expect the best out of people, no matter the situation, and I need to give people more slack. I'm really going to try to work on that.

Another reason I haven't updated is because we are going to be getting internet at the house pretty soon (see: Friday), and I am in the process of moving over my blog to Blogger.com which will make it much easier for me to maintain. I haven't had time to work with the formatting and I'm still trying to import all my previous posts as I would like to still have an archive. As soon as we get internet, I'm going to try to dedicate some time each night to getting it up and going. I also think I'm going to set one up for Cristi (since they are free), and I might even start a website for Makenna. I guess I could use the web as my own version of a scrap book. Also, in regards to archiving my website, I'm going to try to archive my old, old website where I had all the Lean Cuisine reviews, heck, I might even start doing those again.

Not only are we getting internet on Friday (if not sooner, depending on when they turn on the service), we also went ahead and signed up with Dish Network to get satellite television. It worked out that the package we got came bundled with a DVR for an extra 2 bucks, and I jumped all over that. I've already used it like crazy, it's awesome. Basically, the only downside I can see by going through Dish instead of Comcast is that the receiver only works on two tvs which splits the dual tuner to the two televisions. This causes problems only when attempting to record a show and watch a show at the same time. Also, if I want to get tv in the office or workout room, or any other room for that matter, it's another five dollars for every two televisions. I setup several recordings this morning so I'll see how that works tonight.

Over the weekend, I finally beat Gears of War and I've now started back to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. I believe I'm well over 50% complete on Veteran (the highest difficulty) and I'm hoping to complete the game by this weekend. That way, when my new games come in (Forza 2 and Marvel Alliances) I'll be able to devote my time to those. I also have a few achievements to get on NCAA Football 2007 before I can file that one away. I'll be playing that when I get too frustrated with COD4.

This past Saturday, was a very long day. My dad came over at 9:00 in the morning to help me with several projects I need to finish before Makenna comes along. Cristi was wanting a table to use in the nursery next to her rocker/glider. Instead of forking out $200 to get a table to match the rest of the furniture, we decided it would be cheaper to use wood we already had, nails we already had, and tools we already had to make something that was exactly what she wanted. We also needed to install a shelf in the closet of the nursery to increase storage. Since baby clothes are only about a foot long, there is a lot of wasted space in the bottom of the closet. Last, but not least, we needed to hang some shelves on the walls to also accomodate more stuff. After taking measurements and discussing designs, we got to Home Depot at about 11:00 (our motto: measure 3x, cut once, and then second guess yourself). We spent about an hour in Home Depot because both of us like to look at every tool in the store before actually buying the stuff we came in to get. We are both guilty. From there, we made it over to my parent's house to get a few more materials and tools that my dad had and then finally back to my house to put everything together. Cristi was nice enough to pick us up some KFC while we got started and then we sat down and watched the Razorbacks play while we ate. From then until about 9:00 that night, we were measuring, cutting, sanding and assembling things. All together, I think we sat down for a total of about 30-45 minutes and I wouldn't have changed a thing. We still need to hang some shelves on the wall, but the table and shelf in the closet turned out better than I could have imagined.

I guess there was more for me to talk about than I thought.


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