1/3/08 - A new year and a new job

Most of you were not aware that I was even looking for a new job. Well, I start Monday at 6:00pm at the McDonald's on Kiehl. Go ahead, laugh and get it out of your system, then continue to read why I'm doing it. There are actually several reasons behind it. First, my entire life, I've had very comfortable jobs, all but my first job as an athletic official at the YMCA involved sitting behind a desk in an air conditioned building. I've never worked for minimum wage (or close) and never worked in "uncomfortable" environments. Because of this, I've always looked down on fast food workers and such. One of my biggest complaints being that when I order a hamburger or sandwich, I expect the meat and the cheese to be close to the middle of the bun. Well over half the time this is not the case. Instead of continuing to gripe about the situation, I wanted to walk a mile in their shoes so to speak and see how difficult it is to maintain a disciplined work ethic. Granted, I recognize that I am not in the exact same situation as this will not be my only means of income and therefore know that at any time I can quit with no penalties. This was as close as I could get though.

One other reason is that my wife and I have been listening to Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace University series and I have been very motivated to get out of as much debt as possible as soon as possible. This includes paying off our vehicle, school loans and other items. Although I'll be looking at only about $100 a week, it will help in the long run. With Makenna coming along, I wanted to get this out of my system so she never has to say that her Dad works at McDonald's

The last thing I'd like to do with this whole experience is to keep a running diary of what it's like to work McDonald's. Some people might find it interesting, some might find it helpful, other's might just find it funny, I don't know, but it's one of those things that could provide entertainment to someone.

Although I know she doesn't read it, I want to thank my wife for putting up with all of my crazy ideas. The lawn care business has worked out very well, and this McDonald's thing probably won't work out as I had expected. But I get these ideas all the time and she has always been very willing to let me go through with them.

We were able to purchase Makenna's baby furniture last weekend, so we are pretty excited about that. It should be in in about 2 weeks or so, and I'll try to have it setup almost as soon as it comes in. The best part about the buying part was negotiating the price with the salesman. I was able to talk the price down by a little over 20% the original marked price. (another thing I learned from the Dave Ramsey series).

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