1/20/08 - McDonald's Day 6

This was on Sunday night, and I really enjoy Sunday evenings at McDonald's. I don't enjoy working on Sunday nights, simply because there are other things that i could be doing, such as simply spending time with my wife. Sundays are just very laid back. There were only about 3 times on my shift (5-close), that there was ever more than 2 orders on the board. Unfortunately, there were already two people on sandwiches, so I would alternate between wrapping sandwiches and washing dishes. For some reason, I really didn't mind washing dishes last night, although when I got off work and came home, it took a while for my hands to recover, they were dried out and very uncomfortable. I just laid in my chair and read for a while before I had the desire to taking a shower, just because I was so tired of washing things. I did get the opportunity to cook quite a few burgers, so that was cool.

Apparently, I have progressed at an acceptable level as I was asked to train one of the other girls on apple pies. I recognize that it is only apple pies, (about 14 to a sheet, middle tray, 350 degrees, 12 minutes) but I was still honored that they would ask me to show her instead of one of the veterans. Some of the guys in the back were also trying to push one of the new trainees on me.

Now, the 2nd biggest news of the evening. One of the guys who I've worked with several times before was not scheduled to work but asked to come in so he was given the responsibility of cleaning behind the grills. I was curious how this was done since I had started, but didn't really want to ask and get stuck with the task. I found out that the grills actually pull out from the wall quite easily and you can get back behind with a mop, squeegee whatever else you need to use. i have included a picture at the bottom of this post of what was seen when the first grill was pulled back from the wall. What you can see in this picture is that the brownish mass you are seeing is actually about 3-4 inches high and is very "textured". That would be a pile of grease that had been running off the grill for the last couple of weeks. That is not the only pile there was one slighly smaller to the right of the grills and then one that was actually quite a big larger on the other side. The most disgusting part about the whole deal is that in order to get this stuff off the ground, you basically had to use a spatula and scoop it off the ground. When you cut way into the middle of it, you noticed that the coloring and texture of the middle of this mass was eerily similar to that of the burgers we had been serving. My first day, there was a bucket of grease in the corner and I jokingly asked if that is what they were making the burgers out of. Now I realize that maybe I was closer to the truth than I realized.

Finally, the biggest news of the evening is that I did in fact turn in my two week notice on Sunday. I was enjoying the work (although not so much the dishwashing) and the people I've been working with, but the time thing was causing a problem. Sunday afternoon was a perfect example. Cristi and I were shopping for baby stuff and we had to cut our afternoon short so I could get to work. As March 21st gets closer and closer we are finding that there are still quite a few things that we have to do. Plus, with last week only working two nights and this week only being scheduled for one night (Sunday night), I felt that this was a good time to turn it in. I have a feeling that I won't work any more next week, but I will still be considered an employee through the end of next week (as I understand it). I'll have the update I promised regarding the things that I've learned and I'll follow that up with a summary of the experience, things I've learned and the like.


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