1/17/08 - McDonald's Day 5

Thursday night was very uneventful. In fact, it was so uneventful, I don't have anything to really mention. I made sandwiches most of the night, I cleaned a few dishes but that was about it. The only new thing was I was closing with the store manager instead of an assistant manager, so things were done slightly different. Usually we start closing hours ahead of time so we don't have to stay so late, but corporate has specific policies about where things are supposed to be at certain times. I actually didn't have to close that night because I had requested that I go home right at closing time (closing usually takes about an extra hour). The store manager was very understanding and said I could go home which was nice because I had to get home and hook up my trailer because I had to take my lawn mower in for service and then pick up our baby furniture that afternoon (more on this later). There isn't really anything else I can speak of in regards to Thursday night, so I'll just keep this a shorter update.


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