1/11/08 - McDonald's Day 3

I was expecting friday night to be very busy and really give me an idea of what it was like to work at a fast food place during a crazy time of day. Unfortunately, there were too many people around to turn it into a frantic kitchen (as I will explain in a moment). In fact, when I got there, I spent the first hour helping the store manager put together the ice cream machine which had frozen up earlier in the day. I carried buckets of hot water and scrubbed different metal surfaces while he tried to figure out how to work it.

After the ice cream machine got put back together, I spent about an hour or so "making sandwiches" which meant I was handing other people pieces of meat while they put the sandwich together, wrapped them and slid them down the counter. I was doing that because there were already three other people on the line, two people making fries, two people on the front counter, two in the drive thru and two runners. There was also at least one other lady walking around that I could never figure out what she did. Last but not least there was an older gentleman who I have great respect for. Outside of the fact that at his age he is working at McDonald's, he has a love of his work and takes everything very serious. He does not allow other's to push him around and can still have fun with the rest of the workers. I basically followed him around for most of the night learning what I could.

Since I was quickly realizing that I was no help on the sandwich line, I decided I would start cleaning dishes since they were quickly piling up. After about 10 minutes and only a handful of dishes clean, one of the other guys came back and washed the dishes, giving me pointers on the quickest and most efficient way to clean each item. After he washed, I rinsed and after I was told where everything went, I was putting the stuff up as well. I really appreciated him taking the time to show me how to do the stuff because I was moving much slower than what I could have. Now that I've got a better idea of how things should be done, I'll be able to get more done in the future.

After all the dishes were clean (which consisted of a couple hours of washing) I really didn't have anything to do because there were still three people on the line, so as I mentioned, I just followed the older guy around and learned the most efficient and effective ways to do different jobs around the restaurant which mainly included mopping different areas, moving things around for the the morning shift, and other little things like that.

Honestly, that was my night, I cleaned, cleaned and cleaned and never really got to make anything which upset me a bit. I also found out that you are not supposed to drink on the front line (the area the customers see), or in the kitchen for that matter. I was just chilling out front talking with one of the other guys when there were no customers around and they pulled me back in the back quick which was cool because I felt like they were looking out for me, ie: didn't want to see me get in trouble.


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