1/12/08 - The crew meeting

I was supposed to work Saturday night, but I was told to go home because they scheduled too many people to work on Friday. So in an attempt to correct their labor tally (which I'm still not sure what that really means), they lowered the number of people they had working for Saturday.

Although I didn't get to do any actual work that night, I did get to attend the mandatory crew meeting on Saturday afternoon. I had no idea what to expect, and apparently no one else did either. I quickly found out that the store manager was not happy with the way things were going and he was laying down the law. I'm not sure if his supervisor was getting on to him or what, but he implemented several things that apparently should have been taking place some time ago.

He provided everyone with a three page document and a signature form where we were to sign once we had read and discussed the rest of the document. I'll briefly hit on each of the items.


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