12/4/07 - Movies and Guitar Hero

This past weekend, we rented two movies. One movie we had planned on watching together and another that Cristi would never want to watch that I could watch after she went to bed. Due to unforseen circumstances, we wound up watching Epic Movie first and while Cristi slept through it, I realized that it was a horrible movie (just like I had expected). The other movie we rented was Live Free Or Die Hard...the newest Die Hard movie. I was pleasantly surprised with the whole thing. PLENTY of action, some incredibly unbelievable "stunts" including a match between an F35 fighter jet and a semi truck. It is definitely a movie that I would watch again if the opportunity ever came up.

Guitar Hero II. What can I say. I've spent way too much time playing this game for reasons I can not explain. I'm not a musical person, and although I listen to music probably about 10 hours a day, I've never played a musical instrument (recorders don't count) and have never had a desire to play. Guitar Hero however has turned me into a rock star. If completed Easy and Medium all with 5 stars and am currently working my way through the Hard difficulty. Although I'm only scoring 3 stars on Hard difficulty, I have pulled out a five star and a few four stars. This of course only gives me the opportunity to improve. Basically, the only reason I mentioned that is so I could brag and tell everyone that the game is really fun.


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