11/12/07 - I know, it's been a long time

Nothing real exciting has happened. Therefore, nothing to write about. Cristi has been picking up extra hours at work which means she gets home late and goes to bed not long after getting home. I've done nothing more than read a book or two, put together a few puzzles and cleaned up the house a bit.

The book I read was Brother Odd by Dean Koontz, the third in a series featuring Odd Thomas. This book was not NEARLY as good as the first two, but it left it wide open for a fourth book in the series which I will be getting. I'm now reading a book by Carl Hiaasen called Basket Case. It's about an obituary writer trying to get a big break in the newpaper writing industry. So far it's pretty funny, but I don't see where the book is heading.

Yesterday, Cristi and I rented two movies. The first was Matchstick Men, with Nicolas Cage. It took way too long to develop the story, and the whole move was pretty awkward. Just the situations that the characters were put in, you didn't know if you should be happy or sad about them. I did like how the movie ended, which makes this movie better than many I have seen. The second movie we rented was 1408, as I heard that it was very scary. I had wanted to get it for Halloween, but decided to be nice at the time, since Cristi doesn't like scary movies. Recently, Cristi has been nice enough to offer to watch one or two, so we got 1408 this time. Anyways, I wouldn't recommend the movie to anyone. There were plenty of twists, basically dreams inside of dreams inside of dreams to the point that you never really know what is real. There were moments where I was slightly scared, but it was tame enough that Cristi was able to go to bed by herself (and that is saying quite a bit).

I don't remember that last thing I wrote, but we have decided to keep the Tahoe and Cristi's car. So for now, I've got the truck until we get the tires changed and the windshield repaired. Then we switch and I drive the car and she drives the truck. I'm still in search of a ~'96 Sierra or Silverado 4x4 (z71 preferably) for around 3k. I've seen a few, but none of them have really jumped out as the truck I need to get. I won't have to get it until next March or so, but for tax reasons, I really need to get it before the end of the year.

According to Cristi, The baby is getting more active and apparently larger, because the kicking is getting more frequent and more violent (for lack of a better word). You still can't feel it from the outside, although last night she said that the baby was moving her hand. This only happened once or twice, so not frequent enough that I could feel it unless I glued my hand to her stomach for a full 24 hours, which I won't be doing.

As far as names, we've picked out five that we really like, and although we might add a few more names to the list, our baby girl's first and last name will probably be picked from the list we have at this point.


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