10/15/07 - Boxcar Children, fried foods and "Everything"

If anyone is familiar with the children's series The Boxcar Children, you will be interested to know that the Children's Theatre at the Arkansas Arts Center is putting on a performance of the first book. I'm pretty sure that Cristi and I will be making it to one of the shows considering that it is because of the Boxcar Children that I enjoy reading so much. I believe I had read some 75 of the books before I both "outgrew" the books and about the same time, the original author was no longer writing the books. I could tell a pretty big difference between the writing styles and I actually didn't enjoy them much anymore after that.

This past weekend, Cristi and I made it to the fair. It was a pretty day and since we went earlier, around 4:00, we didn't have to fight much of the crowds. We both go only for the food. We have no desire to ride on the roller coasters, thrill rides and hanted houses. This year, I was determined to sample all the fried treats the fair offered. To start, I had a foot long corn dog, very tasty. I followed that with a Fried Twinkie which was not very good. During the same time period, Cristi had gotten a Polish Sausage and a caramel apple. We had also split a lemonade. After my friend foods and sampling Cristi's, plus the large amount of sugar from the drink, I wasn't feeling my best. Next up for me, however, was the Fried Coke. I don't know if it was the amount of friend food on my stomach already, but the little balls of fried dough just wasn't cutting it. I actually threw out about half of the serving because I was afraid it was going to come back up. After that, Cristi got an order of cheese fries which she was also not able to finish and on the way out we got another lemonade (which they put in WAY too much suagr and made it undrinkable). When it was all said and done, we had spent about $60 on food that I would consider sub par and had risked catching any number of diseases simply by being in the vicinity of some of the other patrons. I can't wait until next year however when I'm sure to try the Hot Beef Sundae, Top Sirloin sandwich and I'm sure I'll get some Fried Oreos.

This past weekend was the birthday of a friend at work. We decided to celebrate by all going out to lunch (although he had to stay at home with his sick kids). We headed over to CheeBurger-CheeBurger where I got the Semi-Serious burger. Normally that is no big deal, but if you have ever been to this particular eating establishment, you are aware of the seemingly endless number of toppings to choose from. I was feeling very adventurous and decided to get it "fully involved" with the exception of Peanut Butter and chipotle sauce. You can see on this page some of the things to choose from. Not shown on this list that I know I got on mine included Mandarin Oranges, pineapple, sunflower seeds and asian crunchy noodles. Surprisingly, I was very pleased with the final result and will more than likely order the same thing again (minus the Jalepeno pepeprs). My stomach hasn't gotten mad at me yet, although if it does, I doubt there will be a round 2. I had intended on taking a picture, but didn't have my camera with me (camera phones just wouldn't have done it justice)


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