10/31/07 - Baby pictures...finally

I know they are nearly two weeks old, but without internet at home, it's difficult to get stuff like this posted. Here are the pictures from our last visit. and sorry about the formatting.

This is a very distorted view of the baby's face. You can somewhat makeout the eye sockets and a mouth. You might have to use your imagination. This picture was taken right after she got done yawning for us.

If I recall correctly, I believe this is a picture of her arm (possibly a leg).

I know for sure that this is a good shot of the baby's arm and it's little hand. During the ultrasound she was waving at us.

This is obviously a good shot of her profile and a little bitty hand in the background.

Another profile, just not quite as defined.

The two white lines next to the plus (+) in the middle is the solid proof that it's a baby girl.

Another somewhat blurry porfile picture.

A good shot of the baby's legs.

Here you can see the baby's belly, her face and once again the eyes.

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