9/12/07 - Memories

There are moments in life that will always stick with you; things that you will pass on to your grandchildren. These moments don't exactly make you who you are, but sometimes it's those memories that get you through rough times or just give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Other memories aren't so pleasant but still have that unbelieve impact on your life. For me, I've listed several items that I feel fit into either of those categories. If you have any, leave them in the comments, you can post without leaving your name if you wish, but I'd like to see what other kind of memories people have.

  • I got to watch the original Dream Team play basketball. I was able to enjoy watching the games during the Olympics and will always be able to say that no other team will EVER be that dominant. The chemistry, play making and complete skill showcased on that team was almost undescribable, and I can say that I got to see it.

  • Several years ago, several friends and I got a pack of tickets to see the Grizzlies play. Some of those games were against the Lakers (Bryant and Shaq), Jazz (Malone and Stockton), Trail Blazers (Rasheed Wallace) and the Wizards (Michael Jordan). I think we also got to see Garnett and the T-wolves play, but I can't remember for sure. In all of those games except the Wizards we were able to move closer to the court (as close as the 3rd row) by the end of the 3rd quarter. I can say that I got to see some of the greatest basketball players of my generation play.

  • I got to see the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile driving down the road. It was only a week ago or so, but considering there are less than 10 in existence (that I know of), to see one driving down the road was impressive to me. On a similar note, I saw the Goodyear blimp flying over Conway one afternoon while at work. In other words, I got to see the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and Goodyear blimp while they were traveling from one event to the next.

  • I got to see a baseball game at the Astrodome and Busch Stadium before the Astros and Cardinals got new stadiums in recent years. Although the goal was to see a game at every major league ballpark, I was at least able to see games at the historical Astrodome and "important-to-Arkansans" Busch Stadium while they were in use. Of course Yankee Stadium (to be used in 2008 for the last summer) and Fenway Park (constanly in discussion to be rebuilt) are two that I really want to see before they are demolished).

  • I got to see (and will hopefully get to see) many games at Arrowhead stadium between the Chiefs and Raiders. During those games I've seen great players but of all of them, Jerry Rice is the biggest name. If I took more time, I'm sure I could name off several others worth mentioning. I was also able to meet Greg Wesley and Larry Johnson at the most recent game and see Randy Moss, Robert Gallery and Al Davis among others after the game.

  • I got to see the Arkansas Razorbacks win the 1994 National Championship. I was sitting in my mom's La-z-boy and my dad in his. When Thurman hit the 3-pointer towards the end of the game, I've never seen my dad so excited. He jumped out of his chair so high, I was afraid his head would hit the ceiling, literally. Of course that was an awesome moment for me as well having been raised to be a Razorback fan, getting to actually watch the Hogs win a national championship in one of the three major sports was a memory I will never forget.

  • I can remember where I was when the World Trade Center was attacked. I was taking a shower that morning and turned on the radio only to hear about what had happened. As soon as I got out, I went to my room and turned on the TV to get some more information no more than 30 seconds after turning it on, the second plane came into the picture. For however long it was (seemed like forever), I remember just sitting there almost completely numb. I felt completely violated and really didn't know how to react.

  • I can remember when Desert Shield turned into Desert Storm. I remember watching the TV in our kitchen and seeing the dark sky lit up with exploding bombs. I don't remember any of the audio, but definitely remember realizing that my dad was in the military. I held it together until my parents left the room and I can vividly remember sitting in the floor across from the TV and just crying, knowing that my dad was headed off to the war. Of course, he was never called to duty, but the thought of him leaving was unbearable.

  • I can remember the very place I was walking when I found out my Papa had died. We knew it was going to happen soon, but of course an exact time can never be known. I remember my mom calling and telling me that he had taken a turn for the worse and I needed to get to the hospital. I left work as soon as I got the call and I didn't even make it to my truck before he was gone. I was about a block south of the Blue Cross building on the east side of the street. My mom had called me to let me know. Of course, the only thing that I regret about that, is I never got to play one last round of golf with him.
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