9/5/07 - A heartbeat and Labor Day Weekend

So Cristi and I went to the doctor yesterday morning for our monthly checkup (actually, it's technically her monthly checkup, but I tag along anyways). This time we were hoping to hear the heartbeat, although if we didn't hear the heartbeat we were going to get another picture of the baby. However, within seconds of turning on the speaker system thing the doctor was using, our baby's heartbeat was definitely there. It makes me smile just thinking about it. Everyone has asked how fast it was, and quite frankly, the doctor did not tell us. It was pretty fast though, much faster than I though it would be. She did say that everything sounded wonderful so I have no reason to think any thing else. We go back in another month where I think we will just listen to the heartbeat again and have some blood work done.

As everyone knows, this past weekend was Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer. As our family has grown and we have moved out (although we have now moved back home) we have started using federal holidays as a time for everyone to get together, eat, play basketball and just see each other. Monday was no different. All eight of us (my parents, wife, brothers and their girlfriends) got together, including the three dogs Raider (ours), Sidekick (my parents) and Lilly (my brothers). All together this is what we prepared, 8lbs of top sirloin, 10 hot dogs, 5lbs chicken, 2lbs grilled asparagus, 5lbs potatoes, two boxes macarnoi and cheese, half a tub (sam's sized tub) of pickles for fried pickles, two loaves of garlic bread, a wonderful cake my mom made and quite possibly a few things that I have forgotten. We had to use mine and my dad's grill for the steak and chicken and then once the chicken finished, another grill full for asparagus and hot dogs. I lost track on how much gatorade, coke and water was consumed, especially considering that Greg, Phillip and I played basketball for most of the afternoon and although cloudy, it was still very warm and humid. I do believe there is enough food left over though for us all to eat again at least two more times. The cake however was consumed that day.

Yesterday was the home inspection and it went great. There were only a few minor items to be addressed and the seller will probably be willing to repair them so there shouldn't be any problems there. We are still on schedule to close on the 14th which means that we should probably be mostly moved in by the end of the weekend.

Arkansas won this past weekend although if I were a betting man, I would have lost money because of the trash TD we gave up at the end of regulation. If anyone put money on Appalachian State, they probably didn't go to work on Tuesday and just called in the resignation. Next week starts NFL season so my sundays might start filling up with afternoons of football, hot dogs and a recliner. Of course, with NCAA football, my saturdays might be the same.

Cristi and I might have found our living room furniture this past weekend and have already started compiling a list of things we want to add to the new house, including a new TV, patio furniture and other odds and ends. Of course this is all a big dream right now because with the new one coming along, we have no idea what to budget for.

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