8/20/07 - New house?, baby news, Great book

As I've mentioned previously, we have been living with my parents for the last month or so and it has worked out pretty good. Having lived by ourselves for the last 4 years, there are times that it seems very cramped and just different living habits hvae clashed on occassion. Of course, we have been very grateful that they have allowed us to live there for the last bit. I'm sure it hasn't been easy on them. The big news is that we have found the house that we want. We will be making an offer on Wednesday. I'm not going to jinx it because there are still a few things that need to take place before we can finalize the deal, but I'm really excited. It's just about double the size of our last house and has a big backyard with an above ground pool already installed. Once we make the offer, I'll try to have some more information about it.

Baby news - nothing new yet. I think we go back to the doctor in the next couple of weeks but so far, Cristi has had a fairly mild pregnancy. No serious cravings although she has been pretty nauseous here as of late and has had a very strange eating schedule. As the days go on, I get more and more excited, of course that feeling is pretty hard to put into words.

I just finished a book by Dean Koontz - Life Expectancy. The style of writing Koontz used in this book was without a doubt his best that I have read. Outside of having the great writing style, twists and turns, it is probably the only book that actually gave me chills when I read the last chapter. If you enjoy a simple good story, I highly recommend the book. It is not a real long book and reads very fast. There are only a few slow parts in the book so it is easy to get really involved in the story.

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