8/2/07 - Actually some exciting (for me) stuff this time

My last update was Monday, and I've actually had stuff happen since then. I'll start with Monday night. A bunch of guys and gals from AWANA camp came down to North Little Rock and so I met everyone for lunch at Moe's and figured everyone was heading out of town not long after that. It had been discussed earlier that there might be a game of Mao break out and was really wanting to get in on it. Well, when I got off work, everyone was still in town so I drove to Conway and we played Mao for about 3 or 4 hours. We had a GREAT time. I think I can honestly say, without a doubt, that Mao is my new favorite card game. It does take a special group of people to play and typically the more people the better. We had 10 players Monday and I'd say that that is about as large of a group as you would want to get. There were actually some rounds where a player never played a single card. With that said, it's always a great time to hang out with anyone from camp. It's amazing how people can become such good friends by only seeing them 1 week a year.

Tuesday night we had a softball game at Burns Park where I've been playing for Cornerstone since I moved back to North Little Rock. We played 40+ who is typically given call after call simply because of who they are. This game was no exception. To my knowledge 40+ had not lost a game all season and none of the games were really close. Well, we did take them to extra innings for a total of 10 innings played (normal game is 7 innings) but there were plenty of calls that should have gone our way which would have resulted in the extra run needed to win the game. Whatever the case, it was the last game of the season and I have decided that I have got to play more softball next season instead of the last 4 games of the year. A practice or two would probably do me a lot of good before the season starts as well. I've got to get some new cleats and a new glove simply because the cleats are horrible and the glove is a bit too small to play softball, especially while playing in the outfield or at first base.

Wednesday night (last night) I went over to Chris' house and watched NCAA08 offseason. A little boring to just be watching, but it was great to hang out with friends. Now that I think I've got my mowing schedule setup well, I'm hoping I can do it more often. I also need to send a shoutout to Shannon who is a loyal reader to my website. It's really cool to find out that people actually read what I write. Outside of my mom, I never really expected anyone to read it, so it's good to know that my time is not completely wasted.

Speaking of NCAA08, Greg and I just finished up our first complete season with Troy (myself) and ULL (Greg). We had a pretty good offseason and after playing my first game against UAPB, I should have a pretty spectacular season. I won 108-0 with WR#18 scoring 9 TDs (4 receiving, 5 punt return td). My qb was responsible for I believe 6 tds (5 throwing, 1 running) and my WR#81 had a kickoff return and punt return for TD. I only had 400 yards of total offense, so I didn't get to really stress test the offense, but my special teams are going to be pretty nasty if this is any indication.

This weekend should be a blast. Cristi's cousin has access to her in-laws lake house so we are going to spend the weekend in Hot Springs with her and her husband. We went up last year and spent a ton of time on the boat, a lot of time just laying in the water and plenty of time just hanging out, fixing meals and having a great time. We'll be leaving Friday night and coming back Sunday, so it will be a nice relaxing time before our doctor's appointment on Monday.


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