7/11/07 - Today WAS a good day for an update

So apparently, I had an update to put on the website, and just never got around to doing it. So you are going to be getting two updates for the price of one. First of all, happy birthday to Dan and congrats on the new bike. Although I will never own a motorcycle for myself, because my mom would kill me, I do think they are pretty cool.

I got a few new cds last night. First, Brad Paisley - 5th gear. What a great cd. Several people I have talked to no longer like Mr. Paisley because he has become too much like Toby Keith (their words, not mine). Personally, I think he's better than ever. Some of my favorite songs after listening to the cd about 4 times are All I Wanted Was a Car, Letter To Me, and I'm Still A Guy. One of the other cds was Kelly Clarkson - My December. So far, I've been disappointed. Her first two cds were so good though, I don't know that anything could have lived up to it. I'll spend quite a bit of time listening to it, but it just isn't like her first 2 albums.

This weekend is the big move, so we will see if all our stuff fits in the storage building or if we have to rent another. If we do have to rent another, it won't be the end of the world, it will just be a little more expensive. I don't know how many trips it will take, but we are going to have my Tahoe, my parent's Explorer, my brother's Tahoe, my uncle's full size pickup, a 4'x6' trailer, a 6'x12' trailer, and the car hauler trailer of my uncle's. Honestly, I think it will take more than one trip, although I hope not.

Recently, one of the guys at work built a new computer and then I read a few blog posts (mainly the one at Coding Horror) and I got excited about building a new machine. The only problem is that with the processor and motherboard I have, I can just upgrade little things like memory, a sound card and a new, faster hard drive and I'm right there with the best of them. I'd need to get a video card and should probably do that first, but still, I'd be able to save a couple hundred just beacuse I already have a good case, power supply, media drives, motherboard, processor and of course mouse, keyboard, speakers and a sweet monitor. I don't know if I could write off any of those upgrades as a business expense, but it would be cool if i could.

I just had a new issue come across my desk here at work, so I'd better get to that before it sits out there too long. I need to share all the information about our trip to New Braunfels/Austin/San Marcos this past weekend, so I'll get that in the next update whenever that may be. Speaking of that, I still owe everyone an update about our San Antonio vacation. I don't think I've updated about our Destin trip either and both of those were at least two months ago, if not longer


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