7/30/07 - Another weekend

I'm not going to say that this weekend was boring, because it really wasn't, but at the same time, it wasn't all the exciting either. Friday night I spent moping around for some reason. I was just in a bad mood and I can't explain why. Cristi worked the night before, so she slept most of the night. I played one of my games on NCAA Football 2008 (which me and my brother have a dynasty going) and that about sums up my Friday night.

Saturday we woke up and went to the River Market. Now that we live in North Little Rock, we have access to quite a few more interesting things, River Market included. We have gone the last two weeks and gotten fresh tomatoes and peaches. We've gotten some potatoes and cucumbers as well, but it's the peaches and tomatoes that brought us back. This week we also ate at Boulevard and were extremely pleased with the result. I had a pastrami sandwich and Cristi had the Turkey sandwich and we both had a cup of tomato soup with stuff in it. Very, very enjoyable. Plus, the table where we sat was actually a board room table that seated about 10 people. There were several individuals on laptops, one doing a crossword puzzle and another who appeared to be doing his taxes. Anyways, when we sat down, we talked with several of the other people and basiaclly just got to watch people go by (one of my favorite pastimes). Anyways, we really had fun. After the River Market, we went to Wal-mart (woo-hoo) and then came home. I played some more video games, Cristi watched TV and then we decided we would go on a "date". I went and took a shower while Cristi relaxed in bed. When I got out, I laid down next to her to decide what we were going to do and we fell asleep for about 2 hours. Needless to say, we overslept and didn't make it to our date so we just went out and grabbed a quick bite to eat. Another boring day.

Sunday, we woke up and drove to Conway for church. After church we ate at Firehouse and headed over to my brother's duplex. I changed and mowed lawns all afternoon while Cristi hung out and watched more TV. I got done with my lawns just as the rain started falling and we headed back home. When we got back home, I took a shower, Cristi fell asleep and then I played more video games. We went to bed about 10:00 or so and here we are today.

About the only thing really worth mentioning was what I found this morning when I got to Cristi's car. Her glove box and middle console had been emptied out and there were papers everywhere. Apparently, someone had managed to break in and went through her stuff. The only thing they took was her ipod and fm transmitter. Very frustrating, but confusing at the same time. There were two checks totalling $150, an air compressor in the back seat and lots of change and a few cds in the center console as well. I have filed the insurance claim and although we have a $100 deductible, we will still get reimbursed for most of it.

I'm looking forward to this week as I have every day off this week except for Thursday (mowing that is). Tonight, I'll get to spend some time with Cristi, tomorrow I have a softball game and Friday we are headed to the lake with Cristi's cousin and husband. Hopefully my week will be more exciting than my weekend.


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7/19/07 - My tipping philosophy

I finally found the dialogue I've been looking for from Reservoir Dogs where Mr. Pink (Steve Buscemi) explains his philosophy. Although with much nicer language and less vulgarity, this is how I feel about tipping.

Nice Guy Eddie: C'mon, throw in a buck!
Mr. Pink: Uh-uh, I don't tip.
Nice Guy Eddie: You don't tip?
Mr. Pink: Nah, I don't believe in it.
Nice Guy Eddie: You don't believe in tipping?
Mr. Blue: You know what these chicks make? They make s***
Mr. Pink: Don't give me that. She don't make enough money that she can quit.
Nice Guy Eddie: I don't even know a f***ng Jew who'd have the balls to say that. Let me get this straight - you don't ever tip?
Mr. Pink: I don't tip because society says I have to. All right, if someone deserves a tip, if they really put forth an effort, I'll give them something, a little something extra. But this tipping automatically, it's for the birds. As far as I'm concerned, they're just doing their job.
Mr. Blue: Hey, our girl was nice.
Mr. Pink: She was okay. She wasn't anything special.
Mr. Blue: What's special? Take you in the back and suck your dick?
Nice Guy Eddie: I'd go over twelve percent for that.
Mr. Pink: Look, I ordered coffee. Now we've been here a long f***ing time and she's only filled my cup three times. When I order coffee, I want it filled six times.
Mr. Blonde: Six times. Well, what if she's too f***ing busy?
Mr. Pink: The words "too f***ing busy" shouldn't be in a waitress's vocabulary.
Nice Guy Eddie: Excuse me, Mr. Pink, but I think the last f***ing thing you need is another cup of coffee.
Mr. Pink: I'm very sorry the government taxes their tips, that's f**ed up. That ain't my fault. It would seem to me that waitresses are one of the many groups the government f***s in the a** on a regular basis. Look, if you ask me to sign something that says the government shouldn't do that, I'll sign it. Put it to a vote, I'll vote for it, but what I won't do is play ball. And as for this non-college bulls*** I got two words for that -learn to f***ing type. 'Cause if you're expecting me to help out with the rent you're in for a big f***ing surprise.


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So...I know there are several people who read my website that I don't talk to on a regular basis, so I feel this is a good place to do this. We don't have an exact date or anything, but sometime during the first few months of 2008, I will be a dad. Cristi found out that she is pregnant last week and I'm just now getting around to announcing it. We have no information other than that she is pregnant at this point.

Now, for those of you who read the blog and are religious or believe in a higher power, we request your prayers and thoughts. Several months ago, we were pregnant and lost the baby. For this reason, we are very paranoid about things going wrong. Please pray that the baby will be safe and that Cristi and I can stay sane during the next few months.

As time goes on, I'll make more updates about the progress of the baby and all that stuff. To continue with the update though, we got moved this past weekend. It's amazing how much stuff we have. Here's what it took to get us moved. 1997 Explorer, 1998 Accord, 1997 Tahoe, Xterra (not sure about the year), 1996 Pathfinder (two loads), 1996 Silverado, 2005 Tahoe (two loads, probably a 3rd), a 7'x20' trailer (not positive about those dimensions, but it's close), a 6'x12' trailer, and a 4'x6' trailer. We were able to fit about 80% of that in a 10'x20' storage unit and the rest is sitting at my parent's house either in the living room, dining room, garage or the bedroom we are using. I really think we should get rid of a lot of the stuff we had. Our pots and pans for example used probably 10 boxes, plus two rather large rubbermaid bins. There is no way we need that much stuff. I could be wrong, but I just don't see it.

Having been in the lawn care business now for a few months, I already see how running your own business can be so difficult. This month, I sent out 8 (if I remember correctly) invoices. Of those 8, one was paid late and I still have not received payment on two of them. I don't know if it is my customers, or if there are really that many people that are just late on all their payments. It's not nearly as big of a deal for me because I'm not trying to feed my family off this job, but for those that do this as their only source of income, that has got to be horrible.

Sunday, me and my dad put sides on my trailer to make it "enclosed". I've got a lock on the back gate now so all of my stuff is secure...enough. If someone really wanted my equipment, they could get it, but they would have to climb a 6 foot wall of plywood and to get the mower, they'd still have to lift a 600 pound pile of metal.

So I've been on this new website for a while now called Blubet.com. You basically make wagers on different bets that people make up. It's is all fake money and some of the bets are just silly. Whatever the case, I'm #2 in all time winnings and somehow only #6 in overall ranking. If you want to join, just click here --> Join BluBet. It's pretty easy to follow and you can even make up your own bets and stuff. I make no money from it, (although I do get an extra 500 blubet dollars for referring someone) I just really enjoy the website and wanted to share it.

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7/11/07 - Today WAS a good day for an update

So apparently, I had an update to put on the website, and just never got around to doing it. So you are going to be getting two updates for the price of one. First of all, happy birthday to Dan and congrats on the new bike. Although I will never own a motorcycle for myself, because my mom would kill me, I do think they are pretty cool.

I got a few new cds last night. First, Brad Paisley - 5th gear. What a great cd. Several people I have talked to no longer like Mr. Paisley because he has become too much like Toby Keith (their words, not mine). Personally, I think he's better than ever. Some of my favorite songs after listening to the cd about 4 times are All I Wanted Was a Car, Letter To Me, and I'm Still A Guy. One of the other cds was Kelly Clarkson - My December. So far, I've been disappointed. Her first two cds were so good though, I don't know that anything could have lived up to it. I'll spend quite a bit of time listening to it, but it just isn't like her first 2 albums.

This weekend is the big move, so we will see if all our stuff fits in the storage building or if we have to rent another. If we do have to rent another, it won't be the end of the world, it will just be a little more expensive. I don't know how many trips it will take, but we are going to have my Tahoe, my parent's Explorer, my brother's Tahoe, my uncle's full size pickup, a 4'x6' trailer, a 6'x12' trailer, and the car hauler trailer of my uncle's. Honestly, I think it will take more than one trip, although I hope not.

Recently, one of the guys at work built a new computer and then I read a few blog posts (mainly the one at Coding Horror) and I got excited about building a new machine. The only problem is that with the processor and motherboard I have, I can just upgrade little things like memory, a sound card and a new, faster hard drive and I'm right there with the best of them. I'd need to get a video card and should probably do that first, but still, I'd be able to save a couple hundred just beacuse I already have a good case, power supply, media drives, motherboard, processor and of course mouse, keyboard, speakers and a sweet monitor. I don't know if I could write off any of those upgrades as a business expense, but it would be cool if i could.

I just had a new issue come across my desk here at work, so I'd better get to that before it sits out there too long. I need to share all the information about our trip to New Braunfels/Austin/San Marcos this past weekend, so I'll get that in the next update whenever that may be. Speaking of that, I still owe everyone an update about our San Antonio vacation. I don't think I've updated about our Destin trip either and both of those were at least two months ago, if not longer


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7/3/07 - Today is a good day for an update

I'll start with the moving process. I went to rent a storage unit for my equipment, only to find out that my trailer is to big to fit in a 10x20 locker. The trailer is about 8'6" and the door is only about 8'. This means I'm probably going to have to buy an enclosed trailer which does not make me very happy. Also, I'm still trying to find a place in North Little Rock as a storage place and I'm having trouble deciding how large of a space to get. The guy I spoke with yesterday said a 10x15 would hold 3.5 rooms of stuff, but after seeing the 10x20 today, I don't see how our stuff will fit in that, much less one 5 feet smaller. I'm going to make one more call today and see what they say, but I'm probably going to try to get the bigger one, because a little extra space never hurt anyone.

So last week, I had almost convinced myself to become a vegetarian on a trial basis to see how it effected me. I didn't make it through the night. I think I had a turkey sandwich for dinner. When I mentioned it to Cristi, she told me it wasn't a good idea because of the lack of protein you get and I agree with her. Therefore, I don't think I'll ever be a vegetarian.

I had also talked myself into trying to get into a polyphasic sleep schedule. I would link you to some articles, but I just don't feel like it now. Steve Pavlina (I think that's right) did an experiment and blogged about it for quite a while and it sounded awesome. Basically, instead of sleeping for 6-10 hours (depending on who you are) every night, you sleep for about 30 minutes every 4 hours. That means that during 24 hour period, you are actually only sleeping for about 3 hours. It has something to do with your body moving into REM sleep much more rapid and therefore not requiring as much total sleep. But having an extra four hours every day would be pretty cool. I know I'm always complaining that there is not enogh time in the day and this sounded awesome. The downside is that your schedule has to be pretty strict in that every 3-6 hours you HAVE to take a 30 minute nap. The guy said that if he went for more than 6 hours, he was non-functional. Another downside is that for the first week, while your body is adapting, you feel like a zombie. With my job(s), a zombie state of mind just doesn't work. Programming requires lots of thinking and cutting grass...well, you don't want to fall asleep and run over small children with fast moving, razor sharp blades. At some point in the future, I will probably try this out, but for now, I'll stick with the 7-8 hours of sleep I get each night.


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