6/28/07 - Saw III and the NBA Draft

So last night I watched Saw III. I got home around midnight and wanted to see simply see how it started. After I got through the first 5 minutes, it turned into another 10 minutes and so on and before I knew it, I was over half way done with the movie. I don't know if it was because I was tired or if it really did get under my skin, but the scene were she is performing surgery on the guys head....I've never cringed and squirmed so much. The scene towards the end, where the guy was getting his limbs twisted...that was almost more pain that I was able to handle just watching.

I'm not a movie critic, but I really enjoyed the movie. There were many things that didn't make sense to me and I wish they could have been changed such as the lawyer being drowned by the rotting juices of pigs. The stuff getting thrown into the vat was pure liquid. Based on the blades being used, there is no way those pigs were butchered that fine. I wish they would have done more back story on Marky Mark, because although I remember parts of Saw II, there were things that I couldn't quite remember. I also want to know who the blonde girl was in the guy's dream. Also, the final tape said that he was to play a game....does that mean that the vengeful guy is going to be the main character in Saw IV? I feel like as many loose ends were tied, more were untangled.

Now that I've watched the two movies that i HAD to go see (300 and Saw III), I've got Facing the Giants next. I don't know when I'll be watching it because frankly, that type of movie feels like a waste of time to me. Regardless of the fact that it is supposed to have an incredible story line, I don't enjoy sports movies for the most part (Hoosiers is an exception), I don't enjoy "feel good" stories, and bad acting gets under my skin. Cristi really wants to see it though, so I'm sure I'll break down pretty soon and watch it with her.

So tonight is the NBA Draft and I'm actually a little excited about this one. Not so much because of the indviduals in the draft, but because of the trade rumors floating around. Primarily, the rumors around Kevin Garnett and where he might end up. If he really does wind up in Phoenix, there is a very good possibility that I'll be making a trip to Phoenix to watch them play or if nothing else a trip to Dallas or Memphis to watch them play the Suns. I've always loved Steve Nash and since I don't have a true NBA team, I have just kind of followed his team and right now it's the Suns. Honestly, whether or not they give up Stoudemire or Marion, they are getting Garnett who I think just needs a few players to help him out to be a truly dominant player. Look at the numbers he put up in Minnesota...now think of who he ever had on his team. Now, imagine you take that same Garnett and put him on an already Western Conference powerhouse team. I'm also interested in how the Oden/Durant thing pans out as well as if Kobe will be moving around anywhere and of course there has been a lot of talk of basically all but the top 2 lottery picks getting traded around.


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