5/21/07 - A weekend of everything and nothing

Weekend was good. Some exciting things I reckon, but for the most part, just a good weekend. Saturday morning, we went and looked at a few houses in North Little Rock/Sherwood and were very pleased with what we found. There is a very good possibility that we will begin building a home in the fairly near future. It's also possible we will be selling our home in the fairly near future. We will see how that all works out once we talk to our Conway Realtor. Natalie (my cousin, the one who got married in Destin) graduated Saturday and I finally got to see the new gym on the campus of UALR and I was very impressed. It doesn't seat very many people, but of course when you can't fill the first 3 rows at Barton for a basketball game, I don't guess you need much seating. We went to dinner at Olive Garden for dinner, it was pretty good, but just getting to spend time with family is always good. That night, I cut some grass and when I got done, we both sat down and went through pictures from our vacations and will be hopefully getting the long awaited summary together in the next couple of days (how long have I been saying that?). Sunday we went to church, came home and I started cutting grass while Cristi tanned and napped. When I got back after an hour or two, I laid in our pool (see large water pail) on our back patio and relaxed for a bit and then we went to dinner and was highly saddened by the state of Mexican food in Central Arkansas after enjoying the food in San Antonio. We spent the rest of the day at Wal-Mart and then that evening Cristi looked for her next car while I laid on the couch and did nothing at all. It was wonderful.


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