5/17/07 - Krystal Burgers, HEB and Linkin Park

What doesn't Arkansas have a Krystal Burgers. I'd be happy with a White Castle. While I'm on the subject, what about getting a Publix or an HEB. I understand that those two are Florida and Texas exclusives, but how about something similar. We've got Wal-mart and Kroger. Not too much competition there. We don't have fresh made Sushi. We don't have an organic section, we don't have half the bakery selection, or fruit selection or overall selection for the most part. Cristi and I have talked about it and we would be willing to pay extra for our regular stuff if we had the options available. I guess Arkansas is that small of a market that we can't bring anything in. We are getting a Fresh Market in Little Rock, so that might be a start, but if it flops (like our semi-pro sports teams do) then we never have a chance of getting something like what I want.

So back to Krystal. We ate at Krystal twice on our way back from Destin. One out of necessity because apparently no one eats in Alabama. I'll try to touch on that in my write up about our Destin trip and travels. The point is, those things are addictive. It's not the meat (it's not the onions because Cristi doesn't like onions). It has got to be the bread. If I could cook/bake/heat bread like that at home, I might be on an all bread diet. The fries are not very good, the chili is sub-par and the chicken sandwiches can pass as acceptable. But my goodness, those little burgers are like little pieces of heaven. The problem is, if I wanted them, I'd have to drive four hours round trip for them. With that said, anyone interested in opening a Krystal (I assume they offer franchising), if you open it near my office or home, I alone might be able to keep you in business.

Although, I typically don't comment about music quite as much as the rock legend over at Hi2u I feel it is my obligation to mention the new Linkin Park album. I have LOVED there previous stuff and was blown out of the water when I found out they released something new. I was afraid that it might be a while since one of their band members did a solo project, Fort Minor. Well, I got the album last night and I've been listening to it since. It's quite a bit different from their previous stuff and they have several songs that could be considered "slow" but they pull it off very well. I've noticed a few more guitar and drum solos than I'm accustomed to but overall, I don't think Linkin Park could put out an album that I didn't enjoy.


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