5/4/07 - Accords, the vacation and the next week

For those that were concerned, we did make it back from San Antonio all in one piece. We had AN INCREDIBLE time, and my goal is to get a summary of the vacation posted with pictures and information. The problem I'm having right now is that I can't remember what we did and when we did it. I tried recreating a schedule of the stuff and got lost around Tuesday. I don't want to leave anything out so I'm waiting until Cristi and I can sit down to recap some of it. We've got the pictures that will help us remember, but it is kind of sad that I tried doing this on Monday (two days after we got back) and I couldn't remember half of it.

I was thinking this morning that the letter 'Y' might be the most underrated letter in the alphabet. First of all, it is the most versatile. It's a consenant, but can also be used as a vowel in some cases, no other letter can make that claim. There were several other points that I had, but I'm sure no one really cares, and they are not all coming back to me at the moment.

I received a formal offer for full-time employment at Midland Loan Services, so I start that on the 14th of this month. There was an issue with an agreement in pay, and although it still has not been completely settled, I have reason to believe that my work will be compensated in other ways that will make it worth my time. The next couple of weeks are pretty exciting for us. First, this weekend is graduation at UCA, so a good friend of mine and his fiance are going to be in town and staying with us. On top of that, my middle brother, Greg will be graduating with an undergraduate in Accounting, his girlfriend is walking with a degree in Psychology (I think) and then all the families will be getting together for dinner afterwards. Next weekend, the wife and I will be heading to Destin for a weekend vacation with her family while her cousin get's married on the beach. We've rented a pretty large condo on the beach for about 15 of us (I think it's that many, I don't remember) so that should be fun in itself. The drive won't be all that great with Cristi working the night before we leave and then driving the 12 hours or so down there. And then of course, we get to come back.

I can not speak highly enough about Honda Accords. I'm sure I will jinx it with this post, but it's so impressive to see a car that can last as long as an Accord. Most people I have talked to say that their Accord has well over 100,000 miles on it, and right now, Cristi's 1998 has 192,000. After this trip to Destin, it will be around 194k. Middle of June we will be driving back down to Georgetown, TX (just north of Austin) which will add another easy 1000 miles to that count. It won't be much longer until it rolls over 200,000 and we have done no work to it except recently a new alternator and of course new tires and brakes. The transmission is starting to show age and is slipping on occassion, but having taken it to a mechanic on that (Higgin's Transmission...i Highly recommend their services if you need transmission work) they said that with the age of the car to wait until it fails completely. That was probably 20k miles ago and we are still running. Of course, it is good business practice for a company to build such a good car because the next car we get will be an Accord and we are willing to pay a higher price for it because we have seen the results. Of course, this is similar to my loyalty to Chevrolet/GMC trucks.


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