4/5/07 - untitled

No way has it been since March 22nd since my last update. I had no idea it had been that long. I honestly can't think of anything to really post about. I'm sure I'm going to have tons to talk about next week, but for now, life is a wonderful thing.

The lawn care business is really starting to take off. Although I'm not overwhelmed, it's really exciting to see something that I've always wanted to be able to do take off. I've got lots to take care of this weekend as most of my customers managed to request services in a short 3 day period. The gas station that Cristi and I typically get gas from has stopped accepting American Express (in fact, from my understanding, all Shell gas stations no longer accept AMEX). Because of this, I'm still undecided if we will keep getting gas there, or if we will go somewhere else. We do have other cards, but the AMEX provides the best rewards.

March Madness is over, so I expect to see a sharp drop in visitors until next March. This really doesn't matter, because one of the big reasons people like high traffic volumes is for ad revenue, and no one clicks on the ad sense ads. I really don't like the ads, but it just seems foolish to not at least attempt to get some sort of revenue from it. Whatever though, I might take them down, but I seriously doubt it. I think they are setup where they aren't very offensive anyways.

We leave for vacation in a few weeks for San Antonio. We plan on visiting the Alamo (we are staying right across the street). I'm going to be looking for PeeWee's bike in the basement of the Alamo, that should be exciting (thanks Dad for reminding me). We are going to travel the Riverwalk several days, do some shopping, go to the zoo, Chipotle and Sea World. We'll be there for several days and then go to Houston for a day to see an Astros. Then it's back home for one more day of relaxing before it's back to work and cutting grass.


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