4/20/07 - Last update for a while

So today was my last day for the weight in in the Biggest Loser competition at work. Last week, I think I mentioned that I had a pretty big week and that pushed me into first place. This week, I just wanted to extend my lead by a little to make me more comfortable. I had actually gained 3 pounds from the last weigh in as of Thursday morning when I woke up. I ate lunch at around 11:00 and didn't eat again until just a few minutes ago (about 10:30). I drank water so I didn't die and then after work, Phillip and I mowed 5 lawns in about 2 hours or so (give or take about half an hour). That was plenty to burn a few calories and sweat out a little bit of excess water, but I decided to take it a step further. When I got home, I put on a plastic trash bag (cut holes for the head and arms) and then put on a heavy hoodie and sweat pants. I tied the hood up over my head to keep the cooling effects of the wind to a minimum. When I got done running (about 45 mintues) I took off the plastic bag and water literally poured out of it. I weighed not long after that and I had lost 4 pounds since that morning and knew that overnight I would lose another 2-3 pounds. I was correct and when I weighed in, I was down another 2.8 pounds putting me at a total loss at just over 12% body weight. 2nd place has pretty much conceded and I'm not sure if any of the others would be able to lose the amount necessary over the weekend in a healthy manner.

So we leave tomorrow at around 6 in the morning for San Antonio. We had planned on going to Houston, Dallas, Austin perhaps and a few other places, but we've changed our plans. After we found out how much stuff we wanted to do in San Antonio, we were running out of time to get stuff done, so those other cities had to take a back seat. At this point, the only thing we have scheduled for sure is Sea World on Sunday. After that, we are just going to play it by ear and based on the weather, do different things. If I think about it (which I won't), I'll try to update a couple times while we are down there to let every one know how things are going, what we've been doing, and maybe a picture or two.


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