3/22/07 - My trailer adventure

I just had my first, last and only dealings with W&W Motors off of MacArthur in North Little Rock, AR. Please do not confuse this "business" with the other trailer dealer on MacArther by the name of Reed's Trailers. I have had no dealings with Reed's with the exception of phone calls. This is in regards to W&W Motors on 4221 MacArthur.

First, I should mention that I did lots of shopping around central arkansas for a utility trailer, and W&W Motors had the lowest prices by a couple hundred dollars. This should have given me a clue about the quality they sell, but I am on a tight budget. Reed's also has very cheap trailers, so if you are also on a budget, give them a call first.

So I went by on a Monday to check out the trailer, and was quoted a price a bit higher than I had been on the phone, so I asked about a slightly smaller trailer that would work for me, and I got a great price on it. I said I'd be back and we said our goodbyes. On Tuesday after work, I went back to purchase the trailer and was quoted a price $25 cheaper than on Monday, so I said that sounds great. This transaction was made at roughly 5:00 or so. After writing the check and going through some paper work, we loaded up the trailer and I was off for Conway. By my calculations, I made it about 19 miles headed north on I-40 before the tire blew out. This happened at 5:31. I know this time because I looked at the clock and realized that they had closed up and gone home only a minute beforehand.

I now know that, according to W&W Motors, 90% of new trailers are sold with used tires on them. I don't agree with that number, but even if it is correct, I would expect the tires to last more than 20 miles or so. What I'm saying, is that if I would have known this, I could have checked the tires before purchase and realized I was getting sold a junker.

Now, let's get back to why I will never go back to W&W Motors. I will reiterate that I knew I was getting a cheap trailer. I wanted this to last for no more than 3 months before I was going to sell it and get a nicer, bigger trailer. When it did not last for 20 minutes, I really began to question the quality and no longer had any desire to own this trailer. I felt that I was justified in this and went back on Wednesday, as soon as they opened up, to see what W&W Motors was willing to do. Their first response was for me to bring the trailer back and they would refund my money. The problem was that I couldn't get the trailer back to them and I wasn't buying a new tire for a trailer that I wasn't going to own anymore. Their next offer was that for a $40 deposit, I could have a new tire and rim and I could bring back the old and get my deposit back, but I was not getting refunded on the trailer. I told him that this was not acceptable and that I would be bringing back the trailer, rims and tires and I would get all my money back. This was agreed upon, and although I was still going to be out the gas, time and energy to get this taken care of, I was marginally satisified.

Wednesday night, I changed the tire, took it home and parked it in front of my house. It did not move from there until I left in the morning. I took the trailer back to W&W Motors, expecting to be in and out in 5 minutes. Long enough to unhook the trailer, get my checks back, turn around and leave. What I didn't expect is that they decided they didn't want to honor the deal anymore. When the tire blew out going 70mph on the interstate, the metal on the inside of the tire began hitting the top of the wheel well and stripped the paint. At this point, they said that I would have to get this fixed before they would take it back. I had to continue explaining to them, that if I had made it to at least Conway, it might have been different. They put a tire on the trailer that was not in any condition to be on the road and because of that, it messed up the trailer. Eventually, the owner said that they would take it back and he wanted the deal to be done with. I also wanted to prevent any future problems, said they could keep the $40 deposit, but I got the full amount for the trailer back. This was the case.

Some people might think that W&W Motors was correct in the whole dealing and that I was luckky they were willing to refund my money at all. As far as I'm concerned, I feel like I was screwed out of $40, lots of miles on my truck and lots of time making multiple trips to their shop and replacing the tire on the trailer. I will never do business with W&W Motors, and will recommend them to no one as well highly suggest you stay away from them.


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3/19/07 - Eventful weekend and more

What a very eventful weekend. First of all, March Madness is under way and I've got all that updated. I'm in 2nd right now, but some of my picks for the next couple of rounds might hurt me really bad. We'll see how that works out. As far as competitions go, I'll updated everyone on the Biggest Loser thing at work. I'm in 3rd right now and if I lose 1, maybe 2 more pounds than the people in front of me, I should take over first. I've been bad this past week, but I'm motivated again and should lose 2 pounds I've gained by the end of the week.

My business, Grass Guys Lawn Care is coming right along. In the past week, I have purchased the door hangers and business cards (HUGE thanks to Dan for helping me with the design, he did a GREAT job). I also ordered some Polo shirts that I'm going to get monogrammed. I bought a paper cutter, colored paper, a new printer/copier/scanner and a few other things that I can't think of right now.

I've been using the new equipment the last couple of days to get used to it. I've cut my lawn three times in the last week and I'm already getting really good on the mower. I've still got some work to do on the edger and trimmer, but the blower is pretty straight forward and incredibly effective. I also mowed my neighbor's lawn and did a pretty good job on it.

I started passing out door hangers last night in my subdivision and got about 75 done in roughly 45 minutes. At that rate, it will take me an hour to do 100 so roughly 25 hours to pass out ALL of my door hangers. I've got my work cut out for me. Already though it seems to have paid off. I spoke directly with one home owner and he seemed very interested in letting me cut his grass. And then, just this morning, I got my first call back. An elderly lady said that she likes to cut her lawn sometimes because it lets her get some exerices but that she and her neighbor will both probably want to use my services several times during the summer. And just like, with only 75 door hangers, I have one part-time customer and two very strong leads that will hopefully materialize. With the weather like it is expected to be this week, I'm afraid I won't get much time to pass out more door hangers, but come this weekend, I've got some long hours to work.
Although not really exciting, in fact, just the opposite, our dishwasher broke so we have to get that fixed. Also, for some reason, my sprinkler system in the small garden at the front of thse house is not working quite right. And I found this out after I put about 3-4 inches of mulch over everything, figures.

Other than that, i can't think of anything exciting to talk about. I don't remember if I mentioned previously, but I was getting a few visitors to the website looking for P90x reviews. If those visitors are still reading, thanks for coming by. But because of that, I'd like to share my experience with everyone, so I'll be keeping the P90x on a new page you can view by clicking the menu item at the top of the page.


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