2/16/07 - P90x and my new fitness room

I've got a few things to mention this morning/afternoon. First of all, I just got clearance from Cristi to turn our guest room into a fitness room. After taking into consideration the amount of usage that the guess room has gotten (maybe three times in the last three years), I figured it should be put to better use. My plan is to take out the bed and either lean them against the wall in the room, or cover them in plastic and move it to the garage (which I've got to get better organized, more on this in a second). Once I do that, I should have plenty of space to bring the treadmill in, the free weights in a corner and then room in the middle for moving around (more on this later as well).

As far as the garage goes, it's getting out of hand. When we first moved in, we could park both of our cars in there. It was a tight fit (and I coudn't walk around the front of my truck), but we made it work. Since then, no matter what I do, we could never fit two vehicles in the garage, and it would take a miracle to fit one car in. On top of that, it would be difficult to get a car into the garage because I have a trailer and basketball goal in the drive that take up quite a bit of room. My lawn stuff is what takes up most of the space, and if I would break down and purchase the enclosed trailer I want, I'd be able to get most of the stuff out. Of course, the four-wheeler, grill, ping-pong table and other misc stuff aren't going anywhere.

Now, the main reason for this post. I have decided that my current workout routine isn't working. Mainly because it is non-existant. I've gotten pretty good at running on a regular basis and the results are showing. (I played a full game of basketball last night without being dead-winded by the end of the game). However, I'm doing no weight or resistance training to tone the muscles that I actually do have. I'm just running which burns calories and therefore reduces body fat. Here's my plan: Recently, I've seen a recurring commerical for P90x and was impressed with the philosophy and routines it seemed to offer. Now, I'm not real excited about spending that much money (nearly $150) on something that I can guarantee is going to work. Although I can't go into detail on how I obtained it, I have come across the discs and they are ready for viewing. Each workout is an hour long and ends with a 15 minute ab workout. It's going to take some dedication, but with the contest at work, and my desire to feel better physically, I think I can stick to it for the 90 days it suggests.

Although I haven't done a ton of research, I came across this one particular success story and was blown away by progress he made in the pictures. You don't need to read the whole article, but down towards the bottom, he has some pictures, and although I probably look closer to the first picture (as far as body shape and stuff), I don't feel like I'm too far away from his March 2004 picture which is when he started P90x. If I could get close to his June 2004 picture, I'd be very pleased. I too will take some before/after pictures and will decide later if I post them or not.
With that said, I should probably get back to work. Oh yeah, one more thing, Sarah Buxton's cd is incredible.


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