1/9/07 - Wow, interesting stuff

Although none of it real important, several interesting things have happened the last couple of days. Starting yesterday, they shut down downtown Austin because they found nearly 100 dead birds and then in New York, the city was covered in a cloud of odor that people were saying smelled like natural gas. Then, last night, the Gators put the thump down on Ohio State to win the NCAA Football National Champtionship making them the first D1 school (might be all divisions) to hold the football and basketball title at the same time. Then, today, the MLB Hall of Fame made their announcements and Cal Ripken Jr and Tony Gwynn made it in this year. McGwire did not make it, and I'm glad. Canseco and Caminiti, two other names mentioned greatly with steroids did not get enough votes to even stay on the ballot next year. Hershiser also got knocked off which suprised me.

Now to the information that led me to make this post. Anyone who reads Digg already knows this as the story was promoted to the front page quicker than any I've seen and already has more diggs than probably 95% of stories ever, but Apple introduced the iPhone. Not only that, it is a widescreen iPod. I am the furthest thing from an Apple fanboy, as I've never owned anything apple and even talked my younger brother out of purchasing an iPod two years ago, but this thing looks pretty sweet. Sweet enough that I might consider getting one. I'm always downloading tv shows and have been searching for audiobooks, and this just seems like it would work well for me. On to of that, it runs OSX (which i'm not up to snuff on apple os), but it's basically a handheld computer with full-sized web browsing. Although I would never purchase a first generation anything, and probably couldn't afford this when it actually starts selling (much less actually find one) in the next couple of years, I might be singing the praises again about this iPhone.


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