1/29/07 - Kidney Stones, Gatorade and Biggest Loser

First of all, I'm going to talk about my kidney stone. I'm going to the urologist tomorrow to verify that that is actually what it is. But for now, I'm claiming it's a kidney stone. I've attached some pictures of it with a dime for size comparison. I couldn't get the camera to get a good close up shot, so they are a little blurry.

I also mentioned my inability to find Lemonade Gatorade anywhere. I've checked two Wal-Marts, Sam's Club and two Kroger stores and the only thing I have found was a few single serving bottles at Kroger. If ANYONE knows where I can find some, please let me know. I'm even willing to pay for shipping (to an extent) to have it delivered right to my door. As much as I drink (as much as a gallon a day), I wouldn't have a problem buying in bulk directly from Gatorade. I'm hoping to leave that as a last resort. Send me an email at GravyTrain6@gmail.com if you know where I can find some, preferably in the central Arkansas area.

Next, Biggest Loser at work started two weeks ago. The idea behind it is the same concept as the NBC Biggest Loser tv show. Anyone who wanted to could sign up for $25. At the end of three months, whoever has lost the most weight by percentage wins the whole pot. There are also penalties for gaining weight between weigh-ins, and weigh-ins happen every two weeks. Today was the first checkpoint and yours truly is in first with a 3% weight loss (2.5 kg, you can do the math if you want). My fear is that I won't be able to keep that pace, because if I do, after 3 months, I'll weigh around 140 or so, and that is much less than what I want to weigh. We'll see how it goes though.


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