1/26/07 - Finally an update, no hosting

So I finally signed up with GoDaddy for my hosting now. I also purchased two new domains for my new business venture. I haven't had a chance to update that site. Right now, all it says is "This is a test page". I was going to update earlier, but I was having problems getting ftp access and I couldn't be bother figuring out what I was doing wrong. So here's your update, and even this is pretty weak. If I get home tonight, and have some time, I'll try to update again, with better information, including information about the kidney stone I passed, my inability to find Lemonade Gatorade, the company version of Biggest Loser, and anything else I think of. I also recently realized that this page does not display very well in Firefox. Since I did all the adjustments at work, and I only have IE6, I didn't realize it. Heck, I might even COMPLETELY change the design. Who knows what I'm going to do....I'm crazy.


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