11/20/06 - Chiefs Raiders 2006

As I mentioned in my last update, I spent a majority of the weekend in Kansas City attending the annual Chiefs-Raiders game at Arrowhead. This year was without a doubt our best year ever. As I believe I had mentioned previously, we were able to get tickets from Greg Wesley through his mom, through Chris's wife. Regardless of how we got them, they were incredible. We sat 50 yard line, 7 rows back. On top of that, we had family/friend passes that got us access to the family/friend room where we enjoyed free hot dogs (which were possibly the best hot dogs we've ever had). Then, after the game, we had access to the player's exit where we got to meet Greg Wesley who might be my favorite player now. I don't have access to my pictures right now, but I'll put those up when I get a chance. From the player's exit, I got a picture of Randy Moss (who is now one of my least favorite players), I was too slow to get a picture of Robert Gallery and I got Chris Morris' autograph. I think one of the more exciting moments though was when I saw the legend himself, Al Davis. After the way Mr. Davis looks in the picture I took, I truly believe that they are pulling a Weekend at Bernie's with him, because he has looked deceased for many years now. I hate to even mention it, because he was such a jerk, in fact, I won't mention his name, but I got an autograph from the Chiefs primary running back.


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