10/23/06 - The Hogs and the fair

Saturday was a great day. My wonderful Aunt Bev came across a pair of tickets for the Razorback game in Fayetteville and offered them to Cristi and I. Cristi had to work Friday night until 8:00 am on Saturday, and would not have been able to make it. Instead, Chris and I left at about 7:45 Saturday morning and went to the game. I've included a few of the pictures I took with my camera phone since my wife had the camera in her car. I've got to say, I really never would have guess that the Hogs would be sitting at 6-1 at the top of the SEC West and top 15 in the country.

Cristi and I had planned on going to the fair Saturday night, including catching the rodeo at Barton so as soon as Chris and I got back from the game, Cristi and I loaded up and headed to the Fairgrounds. When we got there, we could not believe what we found. First of all, the parking lot that we ALWAYS park in was full to capacity and there was about a 45 minute wait in traffic to get into any of the other lots. On top of that, it looked like it would have taken a good 30 minutes to get through the line for tickets to get into the fair. Needless to say, would have missed the rodeo. After finding out that the lot was full, we had no choice but to decide what to do next. We could either spend in excess of an hour waiting in lines to get into the fair only to wait in more lines to get food (which is the only reason we go to the fair, we both hate the rides and carnival games) and then to top it off, fight the shoulder to shoulder crowds of individuals that I typically don't feel comfortable and/or safe around (this includes gang bangers just as much as country rednecks). Instead, we decided to have dinner at Jason's Deli and hang out with my parents for a few hours. I think we might a good decision, although it looks like it will be another year until i can get my hands on some fried Oreos.


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