10/16/06 - Another update so soon

That's right, I've got another update, only days since the last one. It's been a while since I've done this, I'm sitting in my La-Z-Boy watching Monday Night Football on my TV. It's really great, because while I'm watching the game I'm sitting here on the laptop, researching things for our vacation this summer. I'm also able to update my website, research sports tickets (which I'll go into more in a second) and pretty much do whatever I want on the computer.

So, the main reason for this update is for me to gripe big time about certain that I feel strongly about. I'm not sure what the word for it is, but I'm going to use "squatting". People do it with websites, for example: MNF.com, Cavaliers, KCCheifs.com, CD.com and ort.com just to name a few. These people have no use for these URLs except to prey on the uneducated who stumble upon them. For example, I would much rather have had ort.com instead what I have now. Let's be honest, it's easier to remember. The term squatting refers to how these people squat on these websites and just won't get rid of them until I'm sure someone comes along and offers a seven figure purchase price. (I attempted to contact ort.com to purchase the site, but they didn't reply like they were interested)

That's not the main reason for this update. My gripe is in regards to squatting on tickets to major sporting and concert events. As anyone who reads my website knows, Chris and I attend the annual Chiefs and Raiders game in Kansas City. Every year, we try to get tickets as soon as they are released, but they are purchased so fast, there's no way to do it unless you camp out in front of the stadium for days in advance and I bet people still don't get the tickets they want. Instead, we are left to go out to Ebay and try to get a tickets that way. Those tickets are still about 500% the original cost of the ticket, and if we went through other websites such as RazorGator or SoldOut.com we would pay as much as twice that.

The reason it gets to me so bad right now is because of my wife. Since July when she and I went over to Dan's birthday bash, she has been planning a trip for she and I to see the Mavericks play against Lebron James and the Cavaliers in Dallas. She called the week after tickets went on sale, and she couldn't get through. The next time she called, they were sold out...COMPLETELY SOLD OUT...for the game on March 1st. The ticket price is regular around $150 and the best price she could find anywhere (or I could find for that matter) was in the $450 neighborhood. Here's my problem with it. I checked the above mentioned sold out ticket websites as well as many others and there were hundreds of pairs of tickets up for sale. How did these websites get all these tickets? and what does the average person have to do to get a ticket to a good game? I'm sure it is because it's against the Cavs, but still, people should have the opportunity to enjoy the game for the same overpriced ticket cost as all other games. Sorry for the long update. If anyone has any information on reasonably priced tickets to the March 1st game Mavericks vs. Cavaliers, please send me an email.


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