8/24/06 - Good Samaritan

I'm getting lazy with my updates. Okay, I'll be honest, I'm not being lazy with my updates, I just don't take the time to do them. That, and I'm sure no one cares about the cool new module I added to the program I'm writing (although we will get to work in a minute). The main point of this entry is how theft and dishonesty really upsets me. I am jumping to conclusions and that's fine by me, beacuse my rant still applies.

As many (or all) of my website readers know, I recently was heavily looking into purchasing a new commercial grade lawnmower. I had it narrowed down to an Exmark product. Although I was more interested in a walk-behind, one of the Zero-turn mowers would have been nice. While I was looking, I requested a demo from the local dealer. He replied that he had just been robbed and would contact someone else to do the demo. Skip ahead about a week as I'm driving down the road to get my allergy shots and what do I see?..a shiny red Phazer Exmark zero turn mower. I didn't think much other than..."Dang...I want one of those". I did find it a bit strange that it was in such a run down neighborhood, but I figured it was for someone's lawn care business. As of today, it's been there for a couple weeks, and I've never seen it move from the original position, and it is still just as red and shiny as the first time I saw it. I finally called the Exmark retailer here in Conway, and I'm assuming that they will be making a trip over to the house to verify if the mower had been stolen or not.

Update: It turns out, the guy actually did buy it, and for some reason decided to go with a commercial grade mower for his very small lawn. Whatever works I guess.

Why did I tell that story? Because I like to tell stories. Also, because it frustrates me that there are people who work really hard for what they have (Cristi and I) and there are still those few things that are just out of our reach. Then, you have those individuals who instead of working hard for what they have, simply put in an hour late one night and take what they want. In the end, everything works out (assuming the local justice department does what they need to) but it still doesn't change the fact that I don't have the mower.

Work related, after typing all that up, I don't feel like getting into it much. I'm sick of getting previous employees projects that are full of holes and total crap. I've been trying to fix two projects over the last two months that should have been completed about a year ago. Because of the work I've had to do, I've missed out on about $10,000 worth of billable work. I'm hoping to have both of them done soon, otherwise, I don't really know what to do.


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