8/8/06 - Been a while

I failed to update last week on our adventure to Pinnacle Mountain, so here is that information. Not much to say, just that we decided to go on the 29th of July when the heat index was around 105. It was very, very hot and Pinnacle is not "easy" to climb. We made it to the top and I got several great pictures. At some point, I might try to make a panoramic view of the pictures I took, but we'll see about that.

This past weekend, Cristi and I went with to Nashville for a softball tournament. I could go into detail, but I'll save everyone some time. Basically, we lost all the games, my defense was great, my hitting was sub par and it rained REALLY hard on Friday. Chris got sick Friday night, so we didn't go to a movie or anything and we just went to sleep early. Saturday's games were played on a great field and the weather was not impossible to deal with. As far as softball goes, my work is getting a team together and that should be interesting.

I'll leave you with some pictures from Pinnacle as well as the only picture from Nashville.

Leave a comment if you would like to see the pictures from this post.


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