7/24/06 - Twisters

Saturday, Cristi and I went to a Twisters game at Alltel Arena, and we had a blast. I was really saddened to see that not many people show up to the games anymore. I remember the first year they were in town, you could barely get tickets. Right now, Cristi and I and Dan and his wife are going to a game this Saturday at 7:05. If you are interested in going, let me know by at least Wednesday so I can get you a ticket. Tickets will be $23 and I'm trying to get 25 yard line 3 rows up. considering how much trouble I had with ticketmaster today, I'm not sure if that will be happening or not.

I feel like I've got a crapload more to say, but it just isn't coming to me. I take it back, I've got a lot of stuff, but none of which I want to get in depth on. I'll give a short blurb on each. New riding lawn mower-Awesome. newer riding lawn mower-don't really need it. School-can't decide. work-getting really busy. pay-hopefully going up with work being busy. resume-posted online. job offers-3 in less than 24 hours (all requiring a relocation). working out-trying to get back into it. diet-can't do it because i enjoy food too much. nashville-coming up next week. time-just not friggin enough.

now, I feel better, in closing, I woke up this morning with enough time to fix a cup of coffee, 3 eggs and 2 slices of bacon, eat it, watch a little sporscenter and still be at work by 9:00. I really feel better about myself when I get up early, I just can't seem to do it on a regular basis.


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