7/5/06 - Starbucks

It wasn't too long ago that I hated Starbucks. I felt like it was taking over the world by selling overpriced coffee and allowing a place for coffee snobs, emo kids, and spoiled preppy brats to hang out in public. I didn't like it. Then, it happened. About a year or so ago, one of the groups I was in at school started meeting at a Starbucks because they had a very quiet corner in the back, it was centrally located and we thought it might have wireless internet (it wound up not having it). Since I was there and using their "space", I felt obligated to at least get something small. I don't remember what I got, but it was good. This continued weekly for the about a month or two and I believe I tried something different every time and only once got something I didn't like. I still felt robbed for paying 5 dollars for a cup of coffee, but at the same time, I felt like that was paying for the use of their table as well (First step…denial).

After the semester was over, I didn't feel like driving to that Starbucks because it was in a Target and out of the way, but then a Starbucks popped up almost right around the corner from my office and a co-worker asked me a few times if I wanted some coffee. We went a couple times, (at this point, I still wasn't happy about paying that much for coffee) and in fact the first time we went, I got something based on his recommendation and we sat and played a game of chess (which I won).

Before our trip to Las Vegas, I had made a trip to Starbucks about on a monthly basis, nothing big. Each time I would get something different, and by using my stunning good looks, quick wit, and boyish charm, I managed to get a few free drinks. Back to Las Vegas. This is when it really went downhill. I think Cristi and I had Starubucks every single day and on some days, even though we were walking several miles a day would go out of our way to get to one of the devil shops of coffee.

In conclusion, I now have a "fave drink" and highly recommend the "Grande White Choclate Mocha on ice, easy on the ice with just a little extra white chocolate". Before it's too late, I also recommend they remove the cocaine from your drink to hopefully keep you from getting addicted like I have.

My name is DJ Walker, and I'm in love with overpriced coffee drinks from Starbucks.


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