7/19/06 - Random things

Well, I guess I've got some stuff to post today. First of all, I turned 26 on Monday. Nothing special about 26, I guess 30 is the next important birthday. Cristi took me to Sushi for lunch and it was wonderful, she also got me/gave me permission to get an Xbox 360 and Fight Night Round 3. I'm hoping to get NCAA Football 2007 fairly soon. Chris let me borrow his memory card which contains all the official rosters for all the teams in Div A. He got it from Roster Downloads but he didn't seem completely satisfied with there customer service.

Last weekend, my brother, myself, Cristi and his girlfriend Jessica all went to the Spring River Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. We had a blast. We left just after 7 in the morning on Saturday and get there close to 10:30. We set up our tent (which I still need to get pictures up of) and then went floating. We took the 8 mile float which took us about 4 hours or so. We stopped just before Dead Man's Curve and sat on one of the rock formations to cool off. I think the heat index got up to 105, but the water stays a constant 55 degrees year round. After the float we came back and played cards for a bit, ate some hot dogs and s'mores (or just marshmallows for some of us) and then played Phase 10. As it got darker the bugs got worse and worse, but thanks to the wonderful tent we got with the covered porch, we didn't have to worry about it. When we woke up Sunday morning, we just packed up and headed back home. Surprisingly, it was quite cool at night. In fact, Cristi complained of being too cold and not being able to sleep due to her teeth chattering.

When we got back Sunday afternoon, it was necessary to clean off some of the stuff we took including 3 large plastic tarps we used to keep the tent off the ground directly and to line the back of our Truck. Speaking of trucks, I have big news in a minute. So to get them cleaned off, I laid them out in our grass and put bricks on each corner to keep it in place. I think they laid there for all of about 3-4 hours. Well, I now know to never do that again because it left large brown spots in our yard. Pictures to follow. I should also mention the passing of my beloved rhododendron. It was good for about a year or so and has finally given up its fight to survive in the hot climate of Arkansas and the lack of its owner to water it regularly. I got one very good flowering season out of it and that it. I'm not sure what to replace it with now, but it will be difficult to see this plant go. You can see its shriveled carcass in the picture below.

The big news is that I have now sold my truck. It went Sunday the 16th and it was a bit sadder than I thought it was going to be. Out of respect of those who made offers, I will only say that the final selling price was between $6000 and $5000. Also regarding vehicles, this time Cristi's car, the trucking company that hit her actually did have insurance and if our insurance company would get it's act together, they have agreed to stroke us a check of a reasonable amount of money although I think we could have gotten a lot more.

I can't think of anything else for the time being, but I'll try to update more often so my entries aren't quite so long. Also, I'll see what I can do about reducing the amount of stuff that has to be loaded on this home page.

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